Friday, October 1, 2021

Ben Ride - 2021/09/30

Our son Ben is home from Ft. Benning and will return to Base this weekend.  He's been here since Labor Day weekend and it has been wonderful having him home, all of it passing far too quickly.  Amazing how short a month can be.

To celebrate, Ben and I spent the day on Thursday meandering through SE Minnesota.  This a response to, "....we spend a lot of time in Wisconsin....".  My remedy wasn't difficult to come up with.

Old Highway 61/CN Railroad bridge across the Zumbro River

Breakfast in Kellogg.....

Down the street, a couple of vehicles....even adorned with Whisky Plates!

We stopped under these nut trees and immediately objects began to fall from the trees.  The first cluster of nuts was the result of a crow being startled, shaking them loose.  But while we lingered there, numerous other nuts fell, sometimes in multiple nuttages, hitting the ground pretty hard.  I felt the urge to helmet-up.

The day was capped off with a picnic in the State Park.

Pay attention Ben....this is when things go wrong.

Friday noon, we've said our good-byes and Ben is on his way back to Georgia.  

We already miss you Ben and looking forward to visiting you and Georgia in a couple of months!


  1. My thanks to Ben for serving....Benning is the home of the Infantry, he going to be an 11B?

    1. Ben says....

      "Thank you sir!"

      "Been one for 6 years"

      "Training new ones"

      Ben spent 4 years in the Marines and then decided that the Army would be a better fit.