Monday, October 4, 2021

Another Turn On The VStar - 2021/10/03

The justification?  How many more warm weekends can there possibly be?!

Yes I have been doing a lot of riding, out every afternoon or evening last week, days too beautiful to sit at home and admire from the deck.  Saturday was rainy off and on, a few of the stacked up chores were seriously considered.  Sunday was the VStar's turn for a loop.

It wasn't bright sunny...

I took the drone along, hoping and expecting to see some harvesting to photograph, my hunch though was that a lot of harvesting has already been completed and it's still may have just figured they could afford to take a Sunday break.  I saw one farmer chopping corn but he wasn't photogenic enough.

A dozen or so cars from a local car club above Durand.

Some special color outside of Plum City...

The trout in the pond seemed as contemplative as I was...

I hadn't been on R51 for awhile and it had been even longer since I ran it from east to west.

I met a big Ol' Buick once at this steep, sharp corner beside the cliff.

First water crossing of 4....

Fourth water crossing of four....I'm on the leeward side.  Note the disturbed silt where I'd just crossed.

Also note the very uncharacteristically shiny motorcycle.....

Pay particular attention to the very uncharacteristically shiny Coop....

Stopped in the Maiden Rock City Park, Point-no-Point in the distance over in my home State, part of Frontenac State Park.  I'm less that 3 miles as the pelicans fly from home but I'll need the bridge in Red Wing to get there.  I can occasionally do puddles, not yet accomplished at rivers.

Brought the Trangia 27 along to do some Souped Up ramen and coffee but wasn't hungry enough for noodles.  I'm always hungry enough for some Fresh Ground though.

Everyone's asking about the Girls......we used to have daughters, it seems our new girls have feathers.

They all have names now.....Pistachio and Marshmallow I know upon sight.  I'm still learning the others.

We are having way more fun with these creatures than we should be.

Harvest continues, more salsa, tomato paste processed and vacuum sealed, I cooked up 3 varieties of squash Sunday evening to see which was my favorite.  These Delicata are Sweet and will be planted again!!

Crook Neck was pretty good though nowhere near as flavorful.

I guess I forgot to take a photo of the Spaghetti Squash.  Least flavorful but we use it as a substitute for pasta and they grow well.

Eric and Curt took advantage of Slimey Crud and sent a couple of photos....thanks Eric!

No bikes have been put away, the tents are loosely stored and ready when I am.  Expect some cold weather, bike-less camping in the weeks ahead.


  1. A Land Rover low-rider! Now I’ve seen it all…

    1. The giraffes will be able to step right over this one!

  2. Replies
    1. They're changing fast around here, many leaves already down. A wonderful time to be outside.

  3. Looks like a big day! How many miles?

  4. Replies
    1. Good guess but these aren't Bantams. Silver and Gold-laced Wyandottes. The Buffs are Orpington's.