Sunday, October 17, 2021

A (long) Riding Weekend - 2021/10/17

 First of all, a chicken update and with that, a very kind gift from Mike.....thank you!

Easy ladies....there's only room for two at a time, you'll all get a ride!  Now that they're in full pantaloons somehow girls just doesn't seem respectful enough.

Kevin called midweek wondering if we could get together for a ride on Friday.  He offered various options to make it work, one of them being trailering down from the Mpls suburb so that we could get an early start Friday.  That subtle mention of Thursday and an overnight had me thinking...if we was free on Thursday, I'd take the day off and we'd camp overnight, riding both Thursday and Friday.

That's in fact what we did.

Breakfast in Kellogg...

Not very many miles on this one...

This was kinda cute....the sign said LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY.  I was willing to participate in that group but he started waving his hands and shaking his head.  "'s dusty and there's rocks...."  I'm not sure if he was being sarcastic or if honestly thought we were on $50k Customs.

So we turned the corner and rode on Minnesota's only non-paved state highway.  By my definition it was dusty and rocky.

This from MPR News.....


Considering our dry summer, crops seem to be bounteous. 

Round barn....

Half and half road...naturally we chose the gravel half.

Darlene is at least 75 by now...I've been riding by this barn for at least 5 years.

We missed Bucksnort but made downtown Pilot Mound.

The 'gator is still terrorizing those that pass over the bridge.

Hwy 250 is done Mike...satiny is how I'd describe it.

Lanesboro was busy....

The Zumo has no tolerance for lunch stops.

Some of the shacks are small and some are not.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese in camp Thursday evening...

An early and cold start Friday morning, breakfast in Wabasha.  42 degrees outside and 49 in the van at 5:30.

Friday morning crossing the bridge at Wabasha.

Peach pie in Mondovi....

Route 66.....yes, really!

Thursday...just over 200 miles on the GPS.

Friday....166 miles according to the Zumo.

We had the campsites until 4pm on Friday and I pulled out from Kruger just a few minutes before .

Campground and picnic area.

The Zumbro River valley...

Saturday morning at Diamonds, then home and back on the Helix to edge closer to making my 30k on the odometer.

Mike's Whizzer....

Rush River....

Sunday, another perfect day for Helix'ing.

At the last Guzzi Rally, Jim reminded me that one of my photos taken over in Wisconsin was just down the road from where he lived....."Stop by sometime!"

This morning's goal was 1) find some more leaf color 2) get some drone video of harvest in progress 3) make the last 180 miles to see the Helix odometer turn 30000.0.

I knew about what it would take distance-wise and had a good idea that Barron County would give me all 3 of my goals for the day.  When I was east of New Richmond a ways, Jim's reminder about how close I'd been popped into my head.  I did a quick search with his name and town on the Big G and his address appeared.  The Zumo was pleased to once again have a solid goal, although I kept OFF ROUTE'ing, forcing it to RECALCULATE.

Timing was perfect.  There in the front yard, the mower pilot looked up and waved...."I knew right away it was you...." he said.  A wonderful happenstance half hour for us both, we covered a very lot of ground.  I learned about his new acquisition, a project, something new to keep him out of trouble this winter.  Both of us already excited about next year's rallies.

Really enjoyed that Jim, great to see you and get caught up.  Stay safe and well!

226 very casual miles for the day....all 3 goals accomplished.

Looks like some nice mild days coming up....;)


  1. Replies
    1. I'd have to believe that the only folks disappointed are those that want to be making snow.

      So many ideal days!!

  2. Lanesboro ...... with the " Harley " apparel store... full of knock off Harley... apparel... the bedsheet change'n capital of Minnesota ( B and B's ).... huge Rhubarb, aka ruffage, fest... ice cream shop across the street from where the " tubers " bus stops to let the tubers out ( river tubers ). Love ice cream and .. Hwy 250... it's not long but nice two wheel fun. :) :) :) :)

    1. A very busy place when the weather's warm, easier to move about town now for the next few months. Hwy 250 a dandy, especially now!

  3. Always enjoy your writings and your adventures. Glad you were out enjoying it all.

    1. Thanks Eric, we've had a good year for our little adventures.