Friday, December 4, 2020

End Of November - 2020

Find a high back chair or at the very least, some sort of neck support because there is going to be some topic jumping....odds and ends if there's ever been odds and ends.

A couple of quick rides....

It was cold and I needed to hang onto something that wasn't.

The trail camera has been catching creatures....these are all screen shots from video

2 chubby raccoons....


 Almost got away....

Our uncle's farm where brother Kevin and I spent so much time growing up....these from around 1977

In the house....a gown being sewn.

This was purchased from the Sunrise Bakery on Pa's Road Labor Day weekend, opened only recently and consumed with haste almost immediately.

Claudio and Benedict, both very much missed.  Every time I would lie could be anywhere, Claudio, watchful, was over to ride my chest, each front paw keeping my ears warm.  It was good weight.

I had the Helix transmission all back together....but then....didn't like the way it sounded or felt.  An ongoing story, details hopefully soon.  The first Japanese bearing arrived from France, apparently only half of my problem.  Another, different bearing on the way, this one coming from cool California.

New rollers installed, these actually didn't look too bad.  I've seen flats much larger than this.

Didn't feel this came open again.

Peg's been busy on some sweaters....

After last Spring's remodel project, the house has slowly been refilled with furniture (and some BB).

Now, back to some motorcycle content...

Over a year ago when Mike rode his Enfield/Cozi rig to Sturgis a leaking gas tank became a problem for him and this was a major contributor.  This one not his but mine.


My last trip out on the rig, a tremendous vibration and rattle was more than apparent and I had a very good idea what was wrong, especially when gripping the tank with my thighs would make the noise go away.  After Mike got home from Sturgis, he was very good about periodically reminding me to stop at Marty's and get a new Motor/Tank bracket.  Finally losing patience with my inability to act, he picked one up and sent it to me in this week's Post 

No more vibration for THIS Royal Enfield!

These came today and for a quick minute, I thought they may be my slow driving citations...but then that last one gave them away.

A cloudless Friday sky, early afternoon temperature that edged past had to be.


New ones!!  One more shocking discovery but in my defense, all of these are too close to Hurry Roads.

 Those creatures are everywhere!!

This might be one of the coolest barns I've ever seen.  No way is it New England beautiful but it was hard for me to ride on by without stopping to explore inside.  Kinda reminds me of the fort the big kids had up the street in some unlucky parents' back yard.

Who doesn't like Awesomeness??

Well, today's ride likely put the crimping on the 2020 mileage pie.  The filling's in, the crust interlaced. It's in the oven and before long, it will come out to cool, steamy goodness of that you can be assured!!  Whatever happens with the rig on frozen roads and water in the next months will just have to be a kickstart for 2021.


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    1. Butcherbox, mail order meat that arrives packed in dry ice, you can see the box, very heavily insulated.