Sunday, December 6, 2020

Wrap Up 2020 Style

Here We Go!!!

Here's How We Went!!

And a new chart for your viewing pleasure.....we'll save the Trailer Loaded/Trailer Rescue graph for next year; it just wasn't exciting enough for '20.  I wish I had numbers for the missing years since 2004 when I again revved up my favorite past time but I did not record them.  There were a couple of years in the '70's that would have far outpaced these more recent ones.

A positive trend if ever there was one!

Trying to avoid C-19 mention here, more than enough of that everywhere else.  I will acknowledge that some of you couldn't, some of you wouldn't ride much if at all this year.  I understand.  As you can see, I rode and the timing of this year's goofed up plans is interesting if you will give me a minute to explain.

There's been an internal struggle the last couple of years....fewer rallies/more camping I told myself.  Problem is, when push was coming to shove, I wasn't able to cut any rallies out, all of them too much fun with too many people I enjoy spending time with and won't see otherwise.  Yes, I've become addicted to the gatherings and those that attend.  2020 almost completely took the rallies away from us.

Well, the lack of rallies certainly ramped up the camping and apparently the miles as well.  I honestly wasn't able to guess at the accumulating mileage, that number always a fun surprise at season's end.

The big pitcher....what 14,401 miles looks like on a map.  Reminds me of that string the kids spray out of cans. you can see, I like our neighbor.  Poor Iowa this year, only some itty bitty contact in the very extreme extreme NW corner and a buzz down into New Albin in the extreme NE.  Hadn't really thought about it until I see these maps.  Eric did what he could to entice me to the Yellow River State Forest so he can not be faulted.

But, if I highlighted my DRIVING miles in Iowa this year for the day job, it would resemble this Wisconsin image.

If you remember, I'd hoped to share some lovely ribbon colors throughout this Provincial map.  The only thing rented this year for 10 weeks was our apartment while the remodel took place; the borrowed Versys just wasn't in my cards.  Still not sure about how or if to resolve this Canadian Maritime issue.

I as well as my riding mates have been seriously concerned for our many local, mom/pop diners being able to stay in existence.  We've already lost many of them and it's not over.  I did a few Take Outs to support them and continue to try but with all of my soft luggage, Styrofoam can be a challenge.  I made it work for the pattimelt...

The Friday fish fry?  I carried it 50 yards and ate in the tall grass.  Lucky for us all, the soft luggage had capacity for most of the used Styrofoam...the unused deep woods were nearby.

Only a couple of times on the carry-out, mostly it was a sandwich here, there on the curb at my coffee gas place.

When I wasn't cooking that is....

Here they are in order.  The 90cc trail bike was out early and only briefly, 10 miles-worth.  The little bugger really buggered up my kicking leg....there was a time there when I really should have gone to the doctor, you shan't see the photo.  How can a Honda 90 that you can start with a stiff wrist and elbow hurt a leg so badly?

Improper technique and a bare steel footpeg might do it....I really get it now.


And finally, the Mileage King, the major contributor!

I'll try and be ready to do it again, hopefully winter will last long enough for all of this to be ready set for going again.


  1. Overall you didn't let the C-19 bug slow ya down .. !

    1. Just thinking about it now...working from home for so many weeks all summer didn't hurt a thing. I've never ridden so much during the week. Instead of heading out 5-5:30, I was on the road at 3:30.

      Maybe even 3:29 :0

  2. Kudos on the mileage racked up on all those bikes! Your pictures of motor camping almost, almost but not quite make me yearn for moto camping.

    1. An acquired taste I'd say. I've maintained that for fun to be had, a person needs good gear, good attitude and good experience(s).

  3. Excellent write up, and thank you for helping me out of the non-riding blues.. I rode less this year than I have in a couple decades. The Tenere to work and bombing around a bit, and maybe 1500 miles on the KLR, wandering SW Wisconsin and a few rides to New Albin for jerky and an occasional steak. I did get out this spring on the KLR for a couple trout fishing outtings, but they were not long rides by any means, all within Crawford County.
    Not a single rally... Next year... I promise!!


    1. Mike,
      Thanks for posting your blog at OJMC. I have been enjoying your adventures.
      I ordered a GoPro today and plan on doing some vlogging about motorcycle camping.


      Where do you go in New Albin for jerky and steak? There is a Zen Monastery there that I have spent some time at. Now that I am back into motorcycles, I hope to ride down there.

      Lee in Longfellow

    2. City Meat Market right on the main (only) :) drag through New Albin. The jerky is slab jerky, and Doug was the one who turned me onto it. It's $20 a pound, but it's typically a single slab which weighs around 1/2 pound, each. The smoke is very good, and they're not overly salty. They also have a spicey version, but I've been so happy with the regular I haven't tried the spicey. They're usually about 3/8" thick, and about a foot long by 3" wide, and the grains run the entire length of the slab. (mouth is watering, thinking about it)

      And they have several cuts of meat in the case, and I typically just pick out a nicely marbled steak. Also, their Farmer Baloney is very good. Very big rings that make a few meals out of each one.

    3. Thanks Dan, a good start in Soldiers Grove would cure what ails us. I saw your response early this morning and with mouth watering, I'm conniving an excuse to head south to the border.

      Not the last time I was in but the time before that, a C-19 line out the door and down the sidewalk. If the sales to the 3 parties ahead of me didn't add up to $1k I'll eat my hat.

    4. Lee, thanks again for stopping by. I'll be looking forward to your GoPro creations!

  4. Monastery .. nah.. visit the nuns... they serve French cuisine.. white table cloths.... wine.... home made deserts.... listen to the priests sing'n in the chapel... :)

    1. I'm looking forward to a dining experience there, 4 of you now with only good things to say. It's on the list.

  5. Nice. I’m tempted to get a Himalayan to offset my vintage cafe. I’ve been thinking something a bit more comfortable on the wrists for longer day rides and something that could maybe do well on a trail. Looks like it was your favorite for 2020. What made it our most used bike?

    1. Thanks. My first answer to this question is always the same...The Himalayan was "made for what we do". I don't buy new bikes but I had no qualms about buying this one, seen only on a pedestal at the Convention Center in Mpls before I put my name on the list.

      YouTube'r Sandy (Wiltshire Man) in Southern England has named his Chug, an apt name. Lots of things add up to making the Himmi my favorite. Low seat height, low speed torque, simple yet refined single cylinder, easy maintenance, great fuel efficiency/large tank, smoothness. The looks appealed to me immediately was different, appealing in itself. On top of everything else, Marty at GoMoto sells them. ;)

      If you can, give one a try to see if it's what you're after. If you haven't tried one yet next spring, you're welcome to try mine.

    2. I appreciate the thoughtful response. I live in the north loop, just a stone throw away from Go Moto. It still might be a year or two before I’m in the market (gotta pay off some other debt first) but I might take you up on your offer to test drive.