Saturday, November 28, 2020

One Of My Annual Seasonal Reads

Tis the season to begin reading books got moved to the shop when our big remodel happened last winter.  A good thing too because in this safe location pilfering prevented.

This is the first one to be opened....every winter at least one of Kenny's books get a read-through, one of five I believe?

If you find our river, this sort of thing interesting and/or care at all about nature, I'd strongly encourage you take a look at the BBC special that was done on Kenny and his lifetime spent in the Whitman Swamp.  Beautifully filmed, it's definitely worth your viewing time.

To honor both Kenny (he autographed a few of my copies) and just as importantly, a wonderful, almost last day of November, I took a ride on Saturday the 28th.  Such a nice day!!


You can see that after the road makes the SW turn from West, there's a straight line right to the edge of the river.  There was a road built there when the Corp of Engineers created Lock and Dam 5A that gave access from the Wisconsin side.  This entire Whitman Swamp area is unique, protected with what I'm told is the longest dike on the river at 3 miles, isolating this backwater area from the main river's flow.

My route in...



"Nice day for a bike ride I'll bet....."

I answered, "Great day for anything, even fishing!"

"Every day is great for fishing and I imagine you say that about your riding too?!"

Where the road continued on when the Dam was built in the 1930's

Kenny's Big Lake Shack in the swamp is not far from this location.



The ride finished up with a loop up on the bluff of Frontenac State Park, unbelievably busy on a late November afternoon, the shadows getting long, our ~50 degrees of day fading fast.

Never thought I'd get another 126 blissful miles in....a shorty I told Peg.  This one may very well be it for the season, hopefully a ride or two on 3 wheels over frozen ground, possibly even frozen water before the warm weather returns.  Look for a Pie Chart soon, a bonus graph for not a dime more!

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