Friday, December 25, 2020

I Can Not Lie

I chopped the cherry tree down.

In fact, I cut them both down.

Not sure what old George did with his cuttings but I had a plan for what I'd be doing with mine.  These remains were not the only thing I was left with.

There was a sort of plan, a hoped for result and it was to be something that I would take along on my cooking/camping projects, something I'd been thinking about for some time.  

You are not to be faulted...I wasn't sure what to call it either.  I've given it the moniker of Spatulacallit.

It needs to be strongly stated here that this and what follows was not 'design'.  That's my day job, my vocation and it is filled with Rules, datums, sizes and tolerances....there will be precious little of that here.  This is about wood, an avocation, so the term 'design' shall not be mentioned or enter into it in the least though there was an allowance in a few cases for those of us with the left-hand persuasion.  I pick up a very rough piece, the grain begins to speak.  I simply listen and then follow instructions, the pleasure of watching and assisting the transition a true delight.... I'd start and couldn't stop until it was as good as done.

My Spatulacallit was so much fun, so enjoyable that I continued on.....

As you can see, some of these kitchen utensils are for food that has yet to be invented.  I can't tell you how rewarding it was making these pieces and done from only a few of the many slabs that I split out with an axe.  I'm hoping that there will be more later this winter after I get the current batch of dust all dealt with.  Very little was wasted (bloody obvious right?) and I found little need for using only chunks that were straight and true.  Yes, there is a tooling mark here or there, perfection is what you'll see on the shelves at the 'Mart. 

Already there's concern about locating other, additional truth telling individuals in order to keep a supply of fresh grain drying on the shelf so if you know of anyone meeting this demanding criteria....

In my time I've made a lot, a truly real lot of parts out of metal (vocationally) and when left on a workbench, the desire to pick them up and fondle is apparently a human trait because I've watched it happen over and over again.  Hopefully the recipients of these gifts will feel the same way.  An absolute unequivocal splinters shall occur!  The connection with these cherry surfaces certainly brought me pleasure.

It was a very low impact gift giving Christmas around here.  Peg's been knitting since July 4th might have even been June 4th.  There were sweaters for our dear daughters, beautiful and much Too Fine for me to wear.  I gave family members utensils and a few of my watercolor paintings, the food shelf a few bags, our Johnny On The Spot car care guys some yummies and for any and everyone else close, hopefully a modicum of Holiday Cheer.  

I honestly wish that for all of you as well.


  1. Pretty nice carving! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks again Richard, each and every one of these creations was time well spent.

      Hope your Christmas Day was everything you hoped for!

  2. I envy your energy and ingenuity when it comes to doing things. I remain a slug in most cases. A big spruce tree feel down in a storm not long ago and I did manage to cut it up and clean up the garden. But no plans to carve anything. Fire or haul away is the future of that wood.

    Hope you had a fine Christmas and best wishes for a better New Year!

    1. Steve, thank you for the kind words. The slugs I know can't put words and photos together to sing the songs that you create so you must be at the very top of that class.

      Enjoy a hotdog or marshmallow around that fire for me please.

      Our Holiday has been wonderful as I hope and trust that yours will come to be. Take care on those slippery two-wheeled roads!

  3. I recognize my new utensils in those pictures. One of the scraper shaped ones was excellent for getting food into storage last night :)

    1. A food that was invented!! I knew you hadn't seen the entire 'collection'. Hope that you can find uses for all of yours.