Saturday, December 12, 2020

Early December - 2020

 They talk about a walk in the park....I actually did one (last) Saturday morning.


It was time for brunch, I was prepared.

Sunday morning I went back again, no sun or cooking this time, just some water and my cameras.

If it were summer, we'd be complaining about a drought.... brown and dry.  Instead, it's almost winter and brown and dry.

More takeout, this time pizza in Red Wing.

A package arrived the other day and in a hurry, I only quickly caught where it was from but quite sure there was mention of NORTH POLE on the label.  The big guy, apparently a biker in his off season enjoys a cone.  I have to guess the banner is just a reminder for me to not get too uppity about my camping gear and to maintain some perspective.

Finally the new bearing arrived and finally finally I managed to get the old one out.  Now to get it back together once more, hopefully it will feel AND sound right.

Another hike, this one today, December 12.

Finally, two birthdays this past week.  The big girl, 35, the little boy, 31.  I'm not a Grandpa nor do I feel like a Grandpa.

Coming up, another week on the road for work, a good thing I have all of my Christmas shopping done.


  1. South Butt - North Face? ;)

    And yes, camping is where one spends gobs of money to live like a homeless person.

    1. Next time you're 'back East', we'll get you out in a tent, lots of choices of housing AND gear most every won't have to spend a dime!