Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Good Bit Of Holiday Cheer

 The Mileage Pie is now sweeter!

23 miles sweeter to be precise and this was the early morning reason!

It was colder in my heated shop than it was outdoors...

A contributing factor to this morning's ride...note the Red indicators....heat is on High.

A fine morning for a toodle....

On the local pond there's ice and the fisher folks have been making holes to find the fishes.  No permanent houses yet....but that will come.  Lake Pepin isn't ready for ice quite yet.

I rode up into the State Park and found it very quiet.

The parking lot hasn't been this empty since pre-COVID.

Raining across the river in Wisconsin and soon to be raining in Minnesota.

This is the reason that it was so nice this morning....because it's going to be so bad tonight.

Raindrops barely perceptible on my black Darien Light jacket.

Once back at home, I was out in the shop to finally get the Helix put back together.  We should be ready for many more trouble-free miles.


And so on...:)

Making a cold winter day just that much more special....

Merry Christmas to all with hopes and prayers for a peaceful, healthy and happy end of 2020.


  1. .... at times on certain January mornings... you ask yourself.. " self " .... why do I live in the boonies.... then you can revisit this blog.. and know why

  2. Thanks Mike. We are absolutely where we belong.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    How do you like the battery powered gloves? Not having the wires would be great. Not that I’m doing any winter riding these days...

    1. Thanks Richard, Merry Christmas to you and family as well!

      Wednesday's ride was my first time with the gloves, not quite sure yet what to think. I was warned about the High setting (Red, White, Blue) as being potentially too hot for comfort. On the bike at 30 with no wind protection, my hands were never too warm, nor were they cold. They aren't really marketed at m/c attire and to be fair, out of the wind I'm sure the heat would be much greater

      My next ride will hopefully span more time if not necessarily more miles. At this point I think they're going to be an asset.