Friday, November 2, 2018

My "85 Miles Of Gravel" Loop

It has been awhile since I attempted it and thought I'd remember the Route.....which I mostly did.  What I didn't actually remember was really OK since as things worked out today, I was a bit pinched for time so took a couple of liberties.  The goal when I first came up with the ride was, a loop primarily on nearby roads that never wandered very far from home.  There are 4 Minimum Maintenance roads; they were not skipped.

Here's what I did today.....

Intended to never be more than 14 miles from home as the crow flies, today's cool loop ride was a couple of tenths short of 70 miles and while most of it is gravel, there are paved sections.  There was a Soup and Sandwich stop in Red Wing that normally wasn't part of the plan; something certainly enjoyed today.

Our neighborhood Min. Maint. roads are in the best shape I ever remember them being.  It dawned on me that some of them are in almost better shape than 'maintained' roads are.

Tillage just started....

I pulled into the grass to make some room....

Getting up on top.....

The second time in the last weeks that I've met someone on a road not regularly maintained.


  1. You are the master at finding the good stuff! Great photos and roads. Always admire your route planning ability.

    1. Thanks Eric. My little "85 Miles of..." started back before I really had a machine that was as adept at gravel as mine currently are. The '70 125 Yamaha traversed some of the closer ones almost 50 years ago.

  2. You are either a master at finding great roads or there are only great roads in your area. I suspect that it’s not the second...

    1. Richard, it actually is a challenge to find "bad" gravel nearby. Our adjoining state across the river to the east enjoys a ratio of pavement to gravel that is entirely opposite...."good" gravel much tougher to find.