Saturday, November 24, 2018

Holiday Stroll 2018

This year and on my own, I did the 'Stroll and made a long afternoon of it.  Alone because Peg and Lauren are in Texas to visit Ben at Fort Hood (they are warm AND dry).  Yesterday's event was a wet one once the main activities began.

Held annually and sponsored by the downtown merchants, local business and industry, it's a community event occurring on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Numerous public things going on, bands playing, a parade, food vendors on the street, most every business downtown doors open hours far beyond their normal schedule.

I was in town just before noon, wanting to have lunch at the Pie Plate Cafe, an eatery associated with the Stockholm Pie Shop and a place you've been with me on more than once occasion.

Located in Red Wing's Pottery Place among other shops in the building that once housed the Red Wing Stoneware Company, their crockery known far and wide.

The list of pies was long and tasty-looking ....but I didn't this time, instead saving room for some food street-side later in the day.

It was getting to be time for me to get over to the Sheldon Theater for the 1:30 showing of Home Alone. 

I've seen the film before, more than once but obviously not as many times as some of the youngsters in the audience.  There were scenes that started off almost Rocky Horror Picture Show-like.  Watching the movie at home hadn't ever been quite the same as it was yesterday afternoon with so many young enthusiasts.

 When we got outside, the rain had started and from that point on, though light it never really stopped until the time I left and in fact, driving home, it started raining harder.  Streets closed off, the crowds were beginning to gather with the main event not really getting underway until after 5:00.

The famous Hanisch Bakery.....

Yes absolutely it's a bacon doughnut from said don't even have to ask if it was good!!

The Riverview Riders Snowmobile Club with their vintage machines on display.

Sleigh rides with elk-looking creatures....

 Strolling past a few storefront windows.....

The Dweeb's.....been rocking and playing gigs since the '80's....

Last summer I donated 4 large boxes of HO model railroad items to the Gandy Dancer Red Wing Model Railroad Club.  I saw some of those items in use in the downstairs of the St. James Hotel, their Holiday display area.

Also in the St. James Hotel, the American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame Museum.  I've heard about it, knew a bit of history but my recent classes on Red Wing history brought back the fact that Ski Jumping in the US got started with these 2 Norwegian characters.

The Red Wing Jumping Hill....

Skiing still happening in Westby, Wisconsin to this day.  We ride past the present jump often during our motorcycle season but have never been present during a competition.

A few oak burning barrels to lend some heat and ambience to the evening. The tacos, pulled pork and kettle corn only added to that.

The Sound Stage, the Dweeb's having to adjust for a few drops coming through the roof.

Sleigh rides behind the draft horses....

There were comments....the consensus that a green radar was preferable to blue.

Red Wing Winger high school mascot outside the library's Book Sale.

There were boots that had scaled Mt. Everest and other boots that had been places not as high.

1905 Puritan sewing machine....

Red Wing's Olive Oil and Vinegar store.....hard for me not to look for Olive Oyl when I drive by.

Mr. and Mrs. were there, the Sheldon hosting Santa lap time.  I walked in, asked about getting in line and wondered if there was a weight limit.

I was getting tired, the jacket and hood keeping me comfortable, dry and warm.  Only strolling about with no real purpose, I noticed one of the young men come out of Community Church in his sharp suit and tie, nicely dressed with a Santa hat.  He'd finished performing in the church's band and was attempting to push an amplifier on 4 wheels, carry his music folder, carry his trumpet and pull a very large and heavy collapsible keyboard.  He hadn't made 20 feet from the church door and was obviously overwhelmed, nothing stackable or conveniently held.

I had to help. 

Every sidewalk seam was beating him up, the little casters on the large Roland amp never intended to deal with frost heaved city sidewalks.  Over to East Avenue, then up the hill past Central Park.  I started out carrying the trumpet and his music but before we got very far up the hill, I had to almost demand that he entrust me with the keyboard as well.  I had the arms and the hand least to begin with.  By the time we reached his car, I was ready to let go too. 

By the time I got back down to where everyone was getting ready to gather for the parade, I decided that I'd have enough, headed for the car and then home.  Fun enjoyed, saw some neighbors and many familiar faces.  Another Holiday Stroll that I was happy to attend.


  1. Well documented and very interesting. That donut!

    1. Thanks Eric. An event that makes the Thanksgiving holiday weekend just that much better.