Saturday, October 27, 2018

That Last Yamaha...A Honda Too

Didn't think it was going to happen, expected rain all day and though there were some drops early, by afternoon no more rain.  I tried to start the TW and there wasn't enough battery to make sufficient spark, then put the Gentle Charger on it and pushed the Honda Auto 400 out instead.  Even with good spark, that one takes some effort to get running after sitting for weeks.  Since I'd hoped to go for a ride on each of them, it didn't matter in what order they rolled.

Some gooey roads...just like last weekend.

Sometimes almost blue sky.... my GPS batteries had run out.

This farm once belonged to my uncles; I put a lot of hay in that barn and later loaded/hauled a lot of manure back to the fields.

This farm belonged to my grandfather before I was born....I have the specifications for the home that our family had built.  I'm putting together a package of documents that will be presented to the current owner.

The Red Wing waterfront and grain elevators...

Today was the Trunk and Treasures event at the city's Baypoint Park.

Hay Creek campground, a very popular place for horse owners to stay while trail riding in the area.

Another Minimum Maintenance Road...

A straight line after the GPS quit recording while I was on the Honda.

These two are now getting tucked away for winter....still a bike or two available for a ride.


  1. OMG ! WHAT no berry pie photo... I is dis a pointed.. bee wildered...corn fuzed…. we need a do over....

  2. Putting together a package of documents for the current owners is a really nice gesture. I don't think most people would even consider doing something like that.

    1. Going through the mountain of old paperwork, I came upon "SPECIFICATIONS". If it hadn't been for my great uncle's signature as OWNER, I'd never have known what the document was talking about. I've never been in the house though spent some time in and around the barn. It was the late '40's when our family sold it and as you can probably tell in the photo, some extensive modernization has taken place.

      To back up my story, I've typed up the facts as they've been explained to me and will include some platbook maps from the 1933, 1952, 1970 showing changes both there and in the neighborhood.

      As you can imagine, it's not a hardship for me; has been fun and a way to connect with family history in the neighborhood, something I care about.