Monday, May 30, 2022

Coop's 85 Miles of Gravel - 2022/05/27

Brother and I have been promising to make some Day Rides's supposed to be easy, he being retired and Ol' Coop working 3-day weeks.

But lots of stuff happens, even just between 2 brothers that supposedly now have a lot more time on their hands.

Friday of Memorial Day weekend we got out.  Both of us thought some gravel roads (on the gravel road bikes) sounded like just the ticket and since it had been quite some time since I'd done anything with my 85 Miles of Gravel ride, I doug it up from the GPS Route archives.  Actually, I made a new one since I knew that a couple of adjustments to what I had been doing would be good additions.

Here's the GPS Route.....nowhere are any points more than 13.5 miles from our home (I actually measured it!).  Sure there are spurts of pavement but in total not more than a few miles.

However, with a few spurs away from the Plan for lunch, coffee and evening Fish Fry, this is what we actually did.  Our 85 miles turned into just over 115.  Of course my brother's day was longer since he had to travel back home.  His Touring KLR easily up to the day's tasks.

These roads were both of our first riding roads, some of them a bit before we were legally supposed to be using them riding motorized transport.  During our modern day visit to these old haunts, we stopped a lot, we talked a lot and reminisced even more.

The fields beyond saw my brother and I doing fieldwork 50 years ago.

State horse trails now.....if only the equine folks knew how much fun a couple of kids use to have here on a small Honda and Yamaha!

Something new to me on this our 4th Minimum Maintenance Road of the day.  A farmer's runoff dam/pond now has a Glastron and fisher person.  It was some distance away, I only had my phone but even from this vantage point, you may be concerned about this person's need for sunscreen.  My concern is for the dangerous situation that is sure to occur when the sunshine finally reaches the bursting point....this person has an air valve doing its best to contain PSI.

Lunch stop in Red Wing at The Bayside....Jen always takes good care of us.

Fish at The Bluffs, Hager City Wisconsin

Here's the more fun part.....  

 Garden update....

And finally, Peg's first loaf of Shokupan....toast this morning that would make a freight train take a dirt road for.


  1. Wow. Kevin pulled the plug, huh? Good for him. Say hi from me next time. So he rides down, does 115 miles o' gravel, and then rides home? What an Iron Butt.

  2. This looks like so much fun and the garden is looking awesome!

    1. We really enjoyed ourselves, an absolutely perfect day!