Sunday, May 8, 2022

The Rest That Run Have - 2022/05/09

A lovely weekend with some scattered responsibilities gave me the push I needed to get the rest of the bikes out for their first run in bright skies.  The loops weren't long but they were long enough to justify some spring air in the tires, new tabs and the petcocks that are set to "ON".

In this order....the '98 VStar 650.

2004 Honda Helix...

1978 Yamaha XS650...

1978 Honda 400 Auto...

These ran but had already run...

A Friday morning breakfast with Eric in Winona.

Other events, there was a Prescribed Burn next door....

This was on Tuesday.

We had a few gentle showers this morning, Sunday morning and this is how it looks Sunday evening.

Peg gets points at work, redeemable in the gift shop so she plans to take up kayaking.  She's been talking about a month off for a Lake Superior crossing.  I'll be satisfied with the Frontenac Pond when I get my chance.

I helped Peg get more of her raised beds assembled....

The potatoes and peas are the only things in the garden so far though we do have a lot of plants more than anxious to be out there with them.

Now for the really tough news....Peg and I were heartbroken last Monday morning.  I was just getting my shoes on to make my last doctor appointment, 8:30 in bright daylight, when I looked out the window and saw a coyote with one of our Buff chickens in its mouth.  By the time we got outside, yelled and chased, the only evidence we had were 5 piles of feathers in the yard.  Three chickens were frantic way out by the line fence and only later did one more come out from hiding in the weeds.  We knew it could happen, satisfied that we had them protected overnight and were relying on faith for their survival during the day.  Our little family has become smaller and those 5 are missed more than we could have imagined.

It's finally getting warmer, the snow is gone and it is time for the green to grow!

Time to ride too.


  1. Circle of life, huh? Sure. Unless it's someone or some chicken you know. Then it's much different. Much harder.

    1. That's it exactly, they do what they were made to do.

      And it was a wonderful, unforgettable chapter.

  2. Dang Coop, I only have three motorcycles now and I'm not exercising them must be busier than ever with all of yours! ;)