Tuesday, May 10, 2022

First Ride With New Capability- 2022/05/10

A new camera to take along on my rides and hopefully other adventures.  Both the camera and the software need more time and practice...I intend to take it.

Take a look and see what you think from Saturday afternoon's ride.

The video

Monday was a very warm, cloudy windy day with temperatures that often stir up our Spring weather.  It happened.  A Tornado Watch was issued late afternoon until 10pm.  After 4:00 I decided it was perfect for an 80+ degree ride through the dales.  It got sticky.....a MN record dew point for May.

I stopped at this cemetery, just curious if one of our old relatives might be buried there.  His family's farm was visible from where I parked the bike but I do know that he was a member of a congregation further away.  I have to assume that his people are buried there since I didn't find them at Belvidere Union.  I read on the plaque that the property for the peaceful place was donated by a local man after his 2 year old daughter died; her headstone located on the higher ground.

The sun was out and so was the humidity....it felt lovely, the brightest it had been all day.

Looking NWN...you can see what I would call summer haze.  But it was a sign of what was on the way.

A stop here to get a look to the NE.

Not all that much later, I turned to the West.

We had a bit of small hail, 1.3" of rain and a couple blasts of wind and then later, back to butterflies and rainbows. 

The sun was too far gone for rainbows.


  1. Interesting video. What camera and how is it mounted?

    1. Insta360 One RS camera on the invisible Selfie Stick

    2. Technology is making the capture of life easier and easier.

  2. That video was fantastic!! The ability to pan and make you look like you have someone do your camera work is amazing! Thanks for sharing, Doug!!!

    1. Thanks Dan, great to hear from you! I've got a lot to learn with the new camera and I intend to make that a mission. Look for gichi-gami to be featured in the next one, very likely next.