Sunday, June 6, 2021

Royal Enfield Slide School - Viola WI - 2021/06/05

 My too-quick, too-brief email led many of you to believe that I was signed up, ready to whip that rear Himalayan wheel out on blue dirt.  That was never my intention at all.  An RE event close to home in an area close to home that I love riding in required very little contemplation.  There were, we had many unanswered questions right up until the end.  Where exactly, allowance for spectators, an entrance fee, swag, etc. etc.

Only at breakfast Saturday morning in Viroqua was I certain of the "where" component, the rest of it we, the three of us, Mike, Eric and I discovered upon turning off of Wisconsin Hwy 56 east of Viola.

From the RE website
 Outside Viola, Wisconsin....

The action here...

 Going to Viola to see what I could see was part of an early plan.  Not long after early, I decided that an overnight made perfect sense and I knew exactly where I'd be staying.  Eric saw value in the camping overnight part and then decided to join us for a session at the track; Mike decided to enjoy A/C in a motel but after joining us for breakfast, went out to the track with us.

The trip down to Esofea, a Vernon County Park.

We met Mike for dinner in Viroqua after taking the long way from the campground ....

After dinner we stopped for gas, Eric picked up a bundle of wood and we took the long long way back to camp.  As I told Eric upon arriving back at the tents...the scenery, the temperature, the setting sun and's what I imagine motorcycling to be while the January snow is blowing outside.  It just don't get better.

My 1V tent...spent the night without the fly....been a long time since I slept without a cover.

Bathroom steps in the morning dew.

Early AM coffee before AM coffee at breakfast in Viroqua.

The Bad Axe River over there against the hill.

On the way home I stopped in Goodview....a variation on Coop's Theme.

Over the last week.....

One of our violinists discovering the magic of Zero Turn....

Once again, a variation...

Marks the end of the buried power that I had run out to the barn.  Touch only with thick rubber boots and good quality gloves.

Apparently the secret to this success is neglect and inattention....we got this one right!!

 Out of town for a few days, hopefully back next weekend with more excitement!


  1. Was a bit disappointed with the " factory " event. Thought the " factory " would be on hand pressing the flesh and selling " swag ". But it was great to be out and about on my first " day " trip on the new Interceptor.. good time.. good company.

    1. We had a good time and managed quite well considering the heat. Seeing and hearing the Himalayan's go around the oval was all I really was hoping for.

  2. And here I was thinking temperatures in the high 80s was hot!

    1. It wasn't that long ago I felt the same way. We've had a lot of days of 90+ and they continue.