Sunday, June 27, 2021

Home Again Vacation Complete - 2021/06/27

Had a grand time, lovely weather, lots of exploration and discovery, time with old friends, time with new friends, the Himalayan ran as designed.

First though, the Big News....within an hour of my arrival back at the homestead, chickens were finally outside and in Coop's Coop.  First Levels of training complete!!

During the past week I was more than 2500 ft. below ground....

I was 400 ft. above ground....

We were about as close as we could get to Canada and still be legal....I have witnesses!  Wherever we went in the Arrowhead, we were advised to keep a distance of One Moose.  I'm fairly certain that we were not closer to Ontario than Three Mooses, absolutely positively no closer than Two Mooses....we break no rules.

972 Miles in the Town and Country, 569 miles on the Himalayan.

I slept very well!!

 As you must surely know by now, there will be more to this story, hopefully soon.


  1. Hay Coop, I can't wait to hear the rest of the story, what a great place to explore! Hope all you're chicks are getting along :)

    1. Jason, I'm quite anxious to tell it ;)

      I've spent so little time up there as an adult, there was a good reason, actually a few, to include this week's stops with the MN Guzzi Rally in Grand Marais.

      The chicks survived their first night in the big outdoors.

  2. The cave looks interesting. No closer than two moose from Canada….

    1. Richard, there will be a lot more time about my visit in the mine.

      I promise, we never got any closer than that.