Thursday, June 17, 2021

Almost Vacation Time - 2021/06/17

 I'll be in the Northland next week, Himalayan in tow.  Cooler would be fine and it looks like that may happen, certainly will by the following weekend when we attend the MN Moto Guzzi Rally along the lake in Grand Marais.  It's very difficult for the north shore of Lake Superior to be too warm.

Things have been going well for my sugar intake (low) but this week there were (as there needs to be) a couple of exceptions.  A 102 mile ride for root beer and a 58 mile ride for a raspberry sundae.

It was hot, even in the shade.

The chickens all passed their swimming tests, didn't lose a one.  Advanced Life Saving will have to wait until I get home end of month.  Peg asked me to pick out some nice colors for their expanded, temporary-pre-coop home so I did.

Little tails, little feathers, little wings.....oh they grow up so fast!

We really need rain as it seems most everyone else does as well.  Something other than purple rain would have been our preference; green and yellow rain perfectly fine.  As of 9:30, there's a fresh .3" on the ground, a very welcome amount and the radar says we will in fact receive a nice amount of green rain by morning.

Well I was all set to bring my Passport along next week, entering at the Pigeon River Border Crossing was something I was really looking forward to....but things aren't looking good right now to visit my favorite Country to the north any time soon.  Oh well, maybe in '22 I'll be able to get across?


  1. I haven't had a draft A&W for a million years. Man, that looks good!

  2. The sugar-free A&W is pretty good. '22. You may be an optimist! Last year, most didn't think it would last into '21.