Thursday, October 29, 2020

Carley Visit w/o Camping - Sunday, 2020/10/17

Considering that it was October, the latter half of October, it was a very nice day.  Not as nice as some of the last ones had been but not tooo bad.  After some morning chores were covered (and any daylight warming that I could get) the afternoon saw me back on the Himalayan for another ride.  I knew what I wanted to include with the ride but where I'd go and where it would happen were decided only at the last minute.

It was to be another wander, a look for the last of the maple colors and for the brightest oaks, plus a lunch cooking stop.

All I knew was that somewhere along this Route I'd be stopping to make my burger...TBD.

Not here....

I stopped at various parks, Whitewater State Park in particular, one of Minnesota's most popular and the place was more crowded than our State Fair.  That wasn't going to work.  Due to the pandemic, our parks and especially our State Parks have seen an explosion of attendance.  I'm quite sure that Minnesota will start asking for some of their funding to be returned as a result.

Whitewater is nearby Carley, the place that I've been overnighting at so it was easy to give that a try.  When I arrived, the picnic area was crowded, none of the picnic tables private enough for me.  But when I rode through the campground, my favorite site was wide open, campers that had been there and in nearby sites for the weekend were already on their way home.

The culinary culmination!!

Now we wait for a day, here or there with just enough improvement to get back out for some more of my foolishness.