Sunday, October 11, 2020

An Overnight - The Beast of Burden

Poor little Honda....stopped for a bundle of wood in Plainview.  Probably a good thing I left the GPS at home this time, would have been just one more thing.  Plenty of water and it was a good thing, the pump was broken.  I've started to always have water and TP along...a guy just never knows.

Another quick Thursday evening overnight to our nearby Carley State Park, my third such trip this season.  First time was on the Elite 250, next it was the much more modern RE Bullet and sidecar.  This time the old Honda 400 Auto.  Finally stopped this time to check out the plaques though I'm still curious about those huge and ancient white pines. 

This was my first time using a backpack though.  Cooler and the desire to pamper myself with  more comfortable sleeping made for bulkier packing; the bigger bag and the Exped mattress only pack so small.  Plus, I'm stubborn about not wearing my warm-for-moving riding gear around the campfire so I bring a redundant layer or two along as a result.  Twice last year while carrying the drone in a backpack I almost left it behind but that was the drone backpack.  Hasn't happened yet with the camping gear.

This tent hasn't been out since our Undisclosed Camp #1 so this was night #3.

I really like it.

My goal was to arrive early enough to enjoy some of the hiking trails in the park and it worked out.

I counted 9....



One of the 'bridges' crossing the North Branch Whitewater River.  A great idea but when one side's bank washes away, that first step can be a doozy. 

I made it without hurting myself or getting wet but was thankful we weren't there with our 4 little ones.  The only things stable in this photo were the concrete blocks.

Looks fairly innocent from just a little ways upstream....and from the other side.

Dinner time...crisped Spam and souped up Ramen, something I've never had before, souped up or otherwise.  I understand it's a staple in the dorms but I've never eaten anything in a dorm, my only dorm time has been moving students in and then out.  Dinner was very good, some coffee too but I decided to not make the cocoa later around the campfire, saved for another evening.

Dinner at Carley

Up and outside at 5:30 Friday morning, it was dark but only technically.  The moonlight was so bright that I made my oatmeal and first cup completely sans supplemental light!  The moon was only half there but Venus seemed to be almost as bright, still visible at 7:30 which was after our sunrise but it finally disappeared by 8AM.

Almost packed up...

One additional tent stake...I've made a couple of tweaks and added this longer stake to the set which together makes the tent roomier, more weatherproof and easier to use.

I had thought that I was completely alone in the campground but late evening I saw a glow in the trees, over the ridge and in the other loop.  I have to assume an older couple, quiet and all I heard was one door closing.  The quiet was appreciated, the woods almost dead quiet.  It's harvest season though and in nearby Plainview, multiple grain elevators are running non-stop with the harvest.  Grain trucks were running all night long and were heard, tire noise when their exhausts weren't making noise.  Not a bother but I was a bit frustrated with a few of the trucks using their Jake Brakes down this steep draw.  The park is on the left (west) of the road in those lovely woods and this draw, deeper than it looks in the photograph is where the Whitewater River flows.  With no reason to stop at the bottom, I questioned the need to brake going down when they had all they could do to get back up the other side.  But that's just me.

Leaving Friday morning for home....


 I stopped in for another cup of coffee before heading home at The Coffee Place.  I was just putting my helmet on, earplugs almost in when a very snazzy black Buick pulled through the parking lot and stopped right in front of me.  I can remember when Buick's were Grandpa cars but I could see myself in one right now.

"Hey, that's old!!"

I shot back, "Hey, so am I!!"

The old guy in the Buick just may have known his Honda's, couldn't blame him, both the bike and I probably look 40 years older than we are, properly patina'd I'll admit.  Regardless, a bit of sunshine was shared between us old geezers.

A very windy, warm 2nd weekend of October.  I'm guessing the wind brought the warm temperatures and now Sunday night, the wind will soon bring cold rain.  Lots of riding this weekend, more Posts to come as I get time to put them together.


  1. I love Ramen noodles .. bur ya have to add either peas.. or corn. then Wa LA !

    1. Mike, the veggies are a great idea. With a bit more foresight and preparation, I'll start putting a small package of frozen in a bag. My version of things last Thursday were no definitely satisfied.

  2. Very nice getaway Doug. I am slightly envious that you have drone. Oh, and I see that in America’s heartland data security is quaint and friendly, like never-locked front doors; and out-of-band transmission of passwords means if the login info is in metal, the password is in wood :)

    1. Thanks David, you've got our security systems down pat. Next time you're in Minnesota and need a car (or motorcycle) you already know where the keys are.

      You're most recent Post ( has me thinking about getting the bicycle down from its hangers in the garage. So far...thinking...:)

  3. Definitely more sites available when one is moto-camping...but I don't think I'll be going back to that....the URRV has spoiled me.

    1. I understand completely and can certainly appreciate your independence when you're out. I'm still getting a huge kick out of being my version of self-contained on the bike, at what I've defined as minimally equipped. That quest continues and is constantly improving, making it just that much more fun. As long as I can still do it, it's a very rewarding way to go...I know it won't last.