Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sunday, the Overnight A Memory - 2020/10/11

Another turn for Old Blue, the '78 XS650 Special.  Not everyone appreciates the unique qualities of the Special's but I sure do enjoy this one.  You'll see few machines with rear view's as exceptional as this making it even better!

 And when it can take me places like this??

Pier 4 for breakfast, an especially good place!

No Planes, but Trains, Automobiles and Mississippi Tugs surround the establishment.  Lock and Dam #4 right here.  A very mainline BNSF double track is quite literally adjacent to the outdoor seating, Wisconsin 35 out the other side.

Right at the crest on County H....

Hay production along County ZZ....

For Pete's Sake Bar in Arkansaw, Wisconsin....I'm waving to two riders on the bench that I recognize but don't really know.

Seen all over the area, obsolete dairy farm milk bulk tanks that are now used in the woods for maple sap collection.

Hoses through the woods that plumb the sap to the collection tank...

More apparatus in the sap/syrup collection process, these 'pipeline' systems can be extensive.

County S....

Back in Minnesota where we label County Roads with numbers, this one County 10.  Wisconsin uses alpha names.

Alongside and above US Hwy 61 and Lake Pepin...almost home.

A great ride and day for riding, 201 miles worth.  The 42 year old bike is just fun, easy and Pleasant with a capital P.


  1. I've done Pier 4... and when the train rumbles by... sometimes at a pretty good clip.. the salt-peppers shakers can dance across the table.... you pause and wonder.. if there's a derailment... you're the led story for the evening news.. local and national.
    There's a certain... feeling.. about a day on a old bike.... and Doug's " P " descripts it well.

    1. Those freights really do roar through town. That day a very slow, massive coal train was inching past, a car at a time as they pulled in to the Alma coal plant spur.

      You are right Mike and I felt it that Sunday.