Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Uh - Oh!!

It just might be over kids...

Mark this one down, October 20, 2020 a record since Minnesota began keeping this sort of record.  The most and earliest snowfall since record keeping began in 1884, the same year our farm was first owned by the family.  We had 9" here of very wet heavy 'fall.

What I came home from work to yesterday....long before it finished after 9PM.

What I walked in the house sourdough and...

Luckily some of this was still in the kitchen, though not very much ...but then it doesn't take much.

Out at 4:30 this morning to wage the war....

The snow ended last night when the temperature rose above freezing and it very slowly climbed overnight, never dropping below the freeze point.  I heard the plow go by on our road last night, some time after 7 and it looks like we might have had another 2-3 inches after that based on the tracks.

Current conditions this afternoon ....

So, a part of me is anxious to go out and start jotting numbers down from the various odometers.  But only the small part of me.  The rest of me is mindful of where we are on the calendar and there's still enough optimism in the big part that things aren't over for Riding Season '20.

We shall see.  I promise not to sneak a look at any numbers....for now. You know as much as I do at this point and yes, there will be a pie. ;)

At the very least a few more recent riding Posts to follow, this one needed to be real time.


  1. Well, that's not welcome (yet)!

    In a month or so... maybe-ish.

    Every effort or spell or incantation you can deploy to reverse this situation will be very much appreciated.

    1. Have to agree David, this really took us all by surprise. Only a couple of days later, not very long but even with that, no 60 degree sunny days on the horizon to counteract this mess.

      From the Ag standpoint, lots of corn still standing in the fields and in most places around here due to recent almost-drought conditions, it's been amazingly dry right out of the field, a good thing. All of that positive is in danger of being outweighed by this mess.

      Most of the beans were out, a good thing because beans with snow like this are in really bad shape.

      I've got it and have had it pretty easy but I'm still working on a spell and any other type of magic that I can conjure up.

    2. Well Doug, thanks for the spell, it's working out our way, headed for a high of 72F with sunshine today (supposed to feel like 75F with the humid factored in.

      Great job! Please don't stop!

    3. We're having more weather right now and the immediate forecast make my efforts seem like a waste of time...maybe all I'm doing is a gentler, long term fix. Looks like the first week of November will improve...enough.

      For some reason, no road salt has been used on the roads that I care about. Watch for further developments!