Monday, November 2, 2020

Election Night 2020

Tomorrow, November 3, 2020 I'll stop on my way home from work at the oldest continuously used Town Hall in Minnesota and vote.  After I have my round red sticker, I'll finish the drive home, make a cup of tea and sit down next to the fireplace.  

Once there, the Good headphones will be plugged in and I'll listen to what may be a dozen or more play-throughs of Lyle Mays' Close To Home.  Can't tell you how many times I've already listened but these sessions will be listened to harder and going in bolt tightening, driving, assembling, online searching, background chores or one single other distraction.  Now that Daylight Time is over, the evening will be even longer allowing for plenty of time to go through my library of favorite Mays repertoire with the greatest of care.  September 15th will surely be in the rotation and again will likely end in a few tears as it almost always does when I'm focused.  I honestly hope they come again.

A year or so ago, maybe even two by now, it dawned on me that I hadn't heard much or really anything about what Mr. Mays was up to these years later.  Pat Metheny's projects sometimes bubbled up in news that found me but information like that hasn't ever really been front or center on my radar.  I'm a listener and that's more than enough.  Digging in, I then learned about some of the collaborations, the recordings, projects, etc. that Lyle Mays was working on, all interesting.  Last week while searching out some more music and only then did I discover that he had passed away last February.  Mr. Lyle Mays, RIP.

Over 40 years ago, well, 43 to the month to be exact, my friend Danny and I were at his place when he pulled out a white LP with 4 names on the cover, telling me that he really wanted me to hear something.  Yet that very winter, he and I attended a live performance of the Pat Metheny Group at the Children's Theater in Minneapolis.  I remember Metheny's strum on the stand-mounted guitar at the beginning of Phase Dance but after that, I was like an over stimulated infant, trying to soak everything in.  The Metheny/Mays partnership has been one of my favorite listens to this day, Lyle's composing and keyboard skills right up at the top of all lists.  I've mentioned before, there must be at least a few drops of Mays in one of my heart chambers because he's been circulating deep inside me for all of these 40+ years.  We lost one of the truly greats back in February, his music will endure, certainly flowing inside of me until the end.

Back on October 29, 2010 dad passed away and now 10 long short years later, I'll be watching the flames in the fireplace, a 2nd cup of tea, possibly a 3rd and be pulling up old memories.  No crying for what's gone, rather smiles for all that I've been fortunate enough to be a part of.  

Dad.... you have been along.

Good health and peace to us all.


  1. Early on, I was introduced to Pat Metheny and Leo Kottke. I haven't given Lyle Mays a spin but I'll rectify that shortly. The wife and I have been enjoyed Ben Cosgrove. He's a pianist from Maine who also plays with a folk/pop group that we like.

    Enjoy your tea and fire place this evening.

    Close to Home was fantastic.



  2. Jason, it was early on for me too. Kottke, Peter Lang and Fahey, managed to see them all live.

    My evening was a great one, enjoyed myself listening for the first half and then a quick surprise, busy the 2nd with something I'll share soon.

    Glad you enjoyed Close to Home and find some of his other things just as enjoyable.

    Thanks for the Ben Cosgrove, another new artist unknown to me.