Monday, May 27, 2019

Lovely Day For A Spin

First of all, thanks to Mike for his timely suggestion to prevent walking home after any more chain trouble.  The only issue I see is that I'll need 6 or 7 different boots are of a fairly decent capacity, I guess there will be sufficient space.

This comes to mind and should have weeks ago....I sing it often enough in my head, that very famous Sailcat song.  Remember Peg??  Our courtin' song??

"Tell your Daddy and your Mama too. You got something better to do.
THAN Stick around the house the rest of your life. YOU'RE eighteen you can
Be my wife. you'd be the queen of my highway, my motorcycle mama.
AND WE'LL see the world FROM my Harley. AND WE'LL see the world FROM
My Harley. AND WE'LL see the world FROM my Harley if the chain don't break!"

Bev's Twin Bluffs Cafe in Nelson...happened to meet Ray and friends there, they on their way to Rockton Bar for Chicken Q.

Sometimes it has trouble following me....I wonder if highlighting my balding spot will help?

 Cole first time??....Unbelievable!!  It can't be but I certainly don't remember it or the road it emptied out to on the east end.  From there I'm sure there were more new ones.

Lunch in Eleva......Eric knows why.

Peach one of many reasons.....

Along County TT, a favorite.....more rows than I can count.

Roads with names....


 Dana, nice to see you again!  I thought that was you mowing the lawn but wasn't quite sure, the beard a very fine addition!

Another lovely day for our long weekend and it looks as though our Memorial Day's weather will be one made for reflecting and remembering.  Enjoy a safe and thoughtful Memorial Day!


  1. What kind of drone? Can it follow you as you are riding?

    Hope you had a enjoyable long weekend.

    1. Thanks Richard, the weekend was a fine one.

      The drone is a Contixo F22. It will follow...if I'm someplace where there are no obstructions. My plan is to put some velcro on the control and the tankbag to make the process less cumbersome. So far, it hasn't followed the bike. It has followed me.

      More practice and more developments soon, I'm still very much a rookie.