Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Ride To Diamonds

Today was a bit unique in that I actually RODE to Diamonds for coffee rather than drive.  I make almost the very same drive daily to get to my place of employment and considering the many places that I can ride my bike the other direction (away from Mpls), away from the city core, riding to the metropolitan area is just not that great a treat.  Combine that with the errands/cargo trips that I've tried to implement on the Saturday's that I take the van, getting to northeast Minneapolis on the bike just doesn't happen very often.

It did today.

5:30 AM, a lovely morning.....

Under our new soon-to-be-completed bridge to Wisconsin.

Gas stop in Hastings....

Diamonds......7:02 AM

The lineup.....

Then it was time to visit Lissa and Marty....I needed a couple of oil filters for the Himalayan.

The Lowry Bridge across the Mississippi in Minneapolis....


Lots of truck parking on N. Washington Ave......Interstate 94's Frontage Road.

Tooo close in more than one way....

There's been some very interesting family news a meeting that was long overdue.

I left the Twin Cities, got home and swapped out the black Yamaha scooter for a V-Star.

Another AeroPress Coffee 'Make'

Heading back home.....Lake City....and more of Lake Pepin.