Monday, June 3, 2019

Minnesota Hiawatha BMW Rally - 2019

Not that we needed any special rally weather to enjoy it, we got some was beautiful!!  As Steve mentioned last night at the banquet, " rainbows this year!...".  That's a fact, we didn't get nor did we need any rainbows.  A nice wispy shower Saturday afternoon on my way back from Lanesboro was all that I personally dealt with.

Friday morning??   Beautiful.

 My obligatory stop along County 4 to get a quick Rally Bike In Profile shot....framed by fence posts, just the way I like them.

Red was Friday with Jeff and Eric, blue was my short route to/from Lanesboro's Rhubarb Festival.

There's been a certain amount of clamoring for more Karuba On The Post photos, so here you go (watch for a Bonus shot later!).

I arrived at my committed to 9-ish and had my tent setup when Eric arrived just a short time later.

Very quiet that early down at Registration, but not too early for Twin Headlight Ernie to be ready set to get his vending location spec'd out.

I didn't stop but according to buzz around camp, there were some excellent deals available here.  Buddy Michael started the trip home this morning with a 'Stich electric vest that he hadn't left home with.

Jeff (our second CRF 250L) arrived right around his slotted 11AM.  There weren't very many Honda's at the BMW rally and even fewer 250's.  It just dawned on me that we three were the Two Fifty Gang this weekend!!

Michael's got the Friday rally thing completely nailed down....tent up, morning sun and a camp chair.

Eric's not afraid to do the same; Jeff soon following suit.

 Here's what they look like when they're together.

Here's the Bonus I teased you with.... 2 bikes and icy cold refreshment.  Enjoy it, this just won't be happening very often.

Jeff's traveled extensively, all over the world.  I take him to Iowa and he gets silly, likely preparing himself for what will soon follow.

It seems Jeff wasn't the only one to suffer....

Iowa...Iowa roads....take a look at the video, we found a had to be with a name like Itchy Koo!!  Out the other side.....up on top.

Thanks Eric

Did we go to New Albin for jerky??  We most certainly did!!

Time to refresh....

Friday evening, comfortably enjoying the peace and quiet.....then it was time. If you remember, a few weeks ago I made an extremely bold claim that my AeroPress coffee, the world's finest, would and could easily take on all comers.  Jeff was not about to let the audacious quip go unchallenged so we had a Brew Down.  An impartial and very fair judge was to be present, Jeff would use his 1876...sorry Jeff, 1976 brewing system, to put everything on the line.  Our judge, willing but only reluctantly so, watched the entire process with anticipation (I'm not sure it was fair with me sitting there so near).  I was completely enthralled and as such, not a single image was captured, it was that spectacular.  Tasting, was obvious that I'd have to be completely on my game Saturday evening, plenty of time for Eric's taste buds to recover from savor Jeff's attempt.

I'll jump ahead here to Saturday evening when it was my turn.  The AeroPress was filled, then seeped, then Pressed.   Declared an utter and complete draw, we may just do it again someday.

In the evening, a fairly quiet campground, BMW's and a few others :)

Saturday morning we went back to Rushford for breakfast and then took the scenic route on to Lanesboro.

 I was intent on spending some time at the Rhubarb Festival; Jeff and Eric walked the grounds with me, taking time for a treat before heading out on their own.  I took time, special time, for Multi-Berry/Rhubarb Pie and Rhubarb Ice Cream.  Eric found a muffin I believe and Jeff, horror of horrors, somehow, who knows where, managed to find a chocolate brownie!

While enjoying our treats, friend Paul texted that he'd soon be in Lanesboro to join the guys for their afternoon ride.  Paul, thanks for coming over, really good to see you! 

The 3 guys soon left for some gravel and I returned to learn more about rhubarb and the people that enjoy it.

I returned back to the Rally so that I could go for a test ride, courtesy of Leo's Motorcycles.

I tried a very impressive and fun Ninja 400...

I was right behind Paul and Bill....

Sunday morning packed up and getting ready to leave, Jeff planning to follow me as far as Frontenac.  Eric had left an hour or so ahead of us.

We took the back way into Frontenac, using our nearby Minimum Maintenance Road.

Attendance was right around 225, down from where it should have been and following what seems to be a trend.  Still, we had great weather and a great time.  I do know this....if you're looking for gravel in SE Minnesota, you'd be hard pressed to find better road companions than these two guys.

Jim, a real pleasure to meet you.  Dan and Lisa, hope to see you again soon!  Paul and Jeff, see you (and Lorelai) up on the shore of the big lake in a couple of weeks.


  1. Doug, you are The Man. After watching that video, what you did on that Iowa road with the 250GT was pretty amazing. When you were done, did you have forearms like Popeye?

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I can tell you that even though the Hyosung has done way more than its share of gravel, it hasn't seen the likes of Itchy Koo before. I don't remember tired arms but I do remember taking a breath when I saw tall grass and no rocks.

  2. Thank you Doug!! It was great to catch up with you and Lisa and I had a great time at the rally.

    1. Good to see you too! I had planned on it not being such a dry spell but last August there were developments beyond my control that frustratingly kept me away from Lake Joy. I'm going to miss a couple of them but look forward to next season when I expect you'll be there as well. Now that you're closer to the river, maybe we don't have to wait so long to gather??

  3. Great ruffage fest... family friendly.. entire town get's involved. If it was a strawberry fest.. I'd attend.

    1. Strawberries were there though very spotty and typically components in a'd have been able to sort through it.

  4. Rhubarb Soap?

    The lights on that "Traffic Control" RT must have been blinding at close range.

    Any further details on that sidecar rig?

    1. Dom, the rhubarb was everywhere. I never saw the lights on but agree that they'd probably blind anyone in direct line of sight. They did mention though I did not hear, that the siren was horribly loud.

      Are you referring to the Ural rig at Slimey Crud? If so, that belongs to good friend Scott. He's as familiar with Urals as anyone I know, need contact info?

  5. Thanks for taking the time to share these excellent photos with us. This rally looks like it was a fun time. Have a great upcoming weekend and keep up the posts.
    Greg Prosmushkin