Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ride Planning And Riding

This week I've been once again Rally Ride planning, putting together some GPS Routes for next weekend's GR3 (Great River Road Rally) event in Soldiers Grove.  At least one day's ride will be gravel-focused and if I can find enough of them that we haven't worn out, a second day of gravel as well.  I'm hoping that Paul will come up from KS and join us again.

The wonderful Wisconsin Bicycle Federation Maps, a series of 4 that cover the entire state.  Every and I mean every road, accurately detailing paved vs. gravel.  These among my most prized possessions.

Dashed or Solid, it's all good to me!

Saturday afternoon after we had Mike's new ones uncovered, I got out.

Robert and Mary were there on the Ducati and BMW....

 Raspberry/Blackberry...... and it was good!!

Maiden Rock front and center....

The Dark and Gloomy finally caught up with the speedy Morphous....but didn't last very long.

Our driveway will soon receive some attention and our barn will soon disappear.

Which means our family's artwork will be in no danger of being stolen.

Speaking of the barn, Friday I sez to Peg I sez, "where are our barn swallows...all I'm seeing are the finches and Red Starts?"  In fact there's a pair nesting in the swallow's mud nest which will not make the returning swoopers very happy.

This morning, the barn swallows are back and ready for another season of insect control.  I've missed them and will enjoy their company when the first lawn mowing happens later this week.


  1. Driveway attention is a good thing. Does that mean less flooding of it next year?

    Oh and pie.... Yumm, you are such a tease with that pie. We found a place here called Willamette Pie Company. Will have to ride there one day for coffee and a slice and take some teaser photos for you.

    1. Brandy it should definitely make things better. We didn't and can't go for the Ultimate plan but truly hope that we will get improvement beyond the project's cost.

      I can't wait for your pie photo, make haste!

  2. Pie

    Ice cream

    I'll be at GR3

    Good to see the KLR out and aboat, glad you kept it.

    1. Paul, I was confident that you'd at least have the rally on your calendar; glad that you're planning to come.

      I'm glad I kept it too. Feels like a beastly giraffe after what I've been riding; the world looks different from up that high.