Sunday, March 17, 2019

Home At Last!!

At approximately 4:30 this afternoon, a rather joyous stroll up the driveway.

Last night just before 10pm....

This morning at 10am....

Today at 12:30.....I went for pie, I wanted pie but I was too full for pie....the fruity kind.  The one I very much enjoyed was Chicken Pot.

Today at 4:30.....locked and loaded.

The driveway was finally firm enough for the van to come down...and be able to go back up tomorrow morning.

Hazardous skating Dom.... it was way too deep for my boots.  I scurried around the snowbank on the right (downstream) side.

And some photos last evening in Red Wing as I was monitoring all things Mississippi River...

They're working 24/7 trying to get the new bridge spans across the river before the river rises enough that they won't have to lift them in place.

The overnight bag is being repacked....ample supplies for contingencies.  My Work boots and all else work-related are in the van, waiting for my hike out in the dark tomorrow morning.  It's going to be a long, warm week but with the 50's predicted by week's end, any snow left standing better be hiding. 


  1. I used to live for rides through deep puddles and waterlogged, not so much.

  2. Maybe if you get those TDub hoops really pressurized?? :)

  3. That's a very tasty look'n meal.... Have ya thought about what the fly fisherman wear.. from foot to mid chest.. Good luck in the Am

    1. I'll be enjoying a Chicken Pot Pie meal there again; everything about it was very fine.

      I almost went to the Sporting Goods store but decided to stick with the Farm Store. Our water is the deepest where it flows the fastest...Boot deep is probably my safe limit.