Friday, November 28, 2014

Favorite Things - Update

Favorite things, or with only a slight bit of twist on this Thanksgiving Day, things to be thankful for.....

Updated 11/29

These buttery delights may not top my list but they're right up there; Peg and the kids have been working on these (and many like them) all week and I'm truly the benefactor.  Today is our Thanksgiving family time.....these will never see tomorrow.

Last summer while we were sitting around at the Hiawatha BMW Rally, my riding and dear friend David made a declaration, stating that he'd started a list of his favorite things.  In past conversations (there have been many) David has made many interesting and thought provoking observations, a couple of which I highlighted at the Iowa Guzzi Rally last year.  His very own list had been started and it was obvious to me that David wanted to share them.

It was the follow up that brought me pause.

"So what would be on your list?" he asked.

Feeling sudden (uncomfortable) pressure to prioritize, I had to stop myself, focusing on David's expression to see if he was teasing or genuinely expecting a response.  Concerned that I would speak without thinking, I commented that I'd want to think about the difference between Likes and Favorites and that I'd send him mine.  The distinction seemed important to me at the time and actually still does as I've thought about it off and on ever since our discussion back there in early June.  A few that quickly came to David while sitting there were shared and only a few days later, an email arrived that contained 30-some items that brought great pleasure, joy, contentment.....or some combination of all.

There are a couple items on his list that are quite personal, not to be shared publicly and bring me a boy's smile.  Most of his listed items would or could be on most anyone's list, at least in one order or another.

I as of yet haven't formally written mine down since I'm still establishing some highlights; a work in progress I suppose meaning the work won't stop.  I have been rearranging some of them over time, lifting some higher which only manages to force others down.  Absolutely, definitely not in any meaningful order of prominence, the list will hopefully never be complete but it has been started......
  • the sight AND aroma of freshly baked bread
  • the first and last hour of a long motorcycle ride (David's)
  • early morning walks on the hill with our dogs
  • looking up to the clouds, no matter when or where.....the flood of endorphines happens everytime
  • aromas; chocolate, newly mowed hay, fresh coffee, an old hardware store, passing farms while on a ride and detecting their main enterprises, your first love....
In another category completely, family and friends, the time we spend with them the best gifts of all.  I hope that all of you had a chance yesterday to enjoy and pause to appreciate those things important in your life.


Yesterday they were on our plates, today they are doing some feasting of their own (Thankful for their lush surroundings??).


  1. Making the list sounds like a good idea. I never thought about a distinction between things I like and favorite things.

    I do believe hubby would have to be at the top of the list. He isn't a thing, but our love is. :-) Don't tell him, it would go straight to his head.

    Big hugs to you and your wife during the holidays.

    1. It just seemed that a distinction mattered....maybe it doesn't? That Brad is a lucky guy, I've always known. :)

      Thanks Brandy, to you guys as well!

  2. Coop,I am completely with you on cloud/sky watching and good aromas. I'd like to add a morning ride into the sun rise, the salty smell of the ocean (and the sound of waves crushing), and my hubby's Sunday breakfasts as things that I am grateful for. ;-)

    1. I have to admit that it took a reminder from Martha to get me focused on the sky (again). It's crazy but keeping my horizontal view can be so full of day-to-day, scheduling, plans, concern, etc. Looking up is like a blast of new oxygen, every single time.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Coop ... it looks like you have a wonderful list started and have started a lot of us thinking.

    1. Thanks much Karen. Just thinking about items for the list has been good for me.....appreciating some things that can easily be taken for granted is good exercise.

  4. .. the baked goodies look like sea shells ... :)

    1. If you hold even one of them up to your ear you can hear butter.