Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Bayfield at Halloween"

This was another year that I missed and once again failed to restart my "Bayfield at Halloween" ride, an end of season ride I started back in 2006.  Call it stubbornness, a bit of bravado or even foolishness; they were rides that I did to 'stick it' to our approaching winter.  Shortened daylight hours, heading north into already much cooler temperatures have made all of the rides adventure, just inside the boundary of acceptable fun.

This was my first trip up, 2006 on the Pacific Coast, Madeline Island in the distance.

The 2007 trip was covered here and carried out on the other red machine.

In 2008 it was the Helix that made the early and cool trip.  6:50AM and 40 degrees when I left and the almost frustrating thing about an end of October ride heading north is that any daylight/sun temperature gained is offset by another hour north towards Lake Superior.  I never saw much over 40 all day long, up and back.  These trips are typically between 500 and 550 mile days.

 Two classic yellow haulers......

 Lunch at Maggies........

Way Back roads.......

Peg's grandfather's fishing boat in Corny........

Home again........

The 2009 version.....briefly stopped in Spooner on my way up to see Rhonda.

 Stopped at the Hayward Coffee Company but didn't have any.  That does not mean that I didn't need some.

 Rustic Road #108......

 Too much information?

Stopped for lunch in Iron River....I wasn't the only one out on Halloween.

The Port Wing pier....Lake Superior

Dad passed away at the end of October 2010 and my Halloween Ride just wasn't feasible that year.  I recall that in 2011 the weather was too nasty and by 2012 I suppose that I just gave up....don't remember even considering the ride.  Maybe I've just decided to allow winter to arrive as it will; there is only so much that I can do about it.


  1. Given your location it rather seems to be a privilege to be able to ride on Halloween. But with weather patterns shifting occasionally there might be rides for you in the future. Never give up ;-)

    1. Encouraging words Sonja, thank you for the reminder to not take late season riding for granted!

  2. Soon you'll be writing about riding on Thanksgiving (US not Canada) with the shifting weather patterns.

  3. Hi Doug, Hootie and I are here enjoying your writings/adventures!

    1. Welcome guys and thanks. Lots of Posts planned for the winter as well as rides for next season, really looking forward to doing more miles with you two!