Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two Left, One Arrives

Well, maybe it wasn't really two; that would depend on your definition of what 'one' motorcycle consists of.  The short version is, a few years ago I turned 3 Honda C105 55cc trailbikes into 1 good one.  I had accumulated some additional parts and decided that this point I'd satisfied all urges regarding the rebuild of small, old Honda's.  I have fun riding the one I've kept and it was finally time for the other two to be part of someone else's projects.

When they came home (from Wisconsin).....

The arrival?  Mike's '82 RT100 BMW left his comfortable, safe home and followed me to mine (much less comfortable but hopefully as safe).

Having never owned one of the German marques it was finally time to take the plunge.  The plan was that if a BMW ever did end up in my garage, it would be an older airhead and this one definitely qualifies.  86K and the clean, slight patina that's right up my alley.  Anxious but unable to make the time for a ride yesterday when I brought it home, I finally, after a very busy day, got out for a 25 mile loop late this afternoon.  Purposely dressing light, I was anxious to see how wind and weather protection might feel.  For 45 degrees and no sun, it was a very pleasant trip.  This one is going to be anxious for a real trip next season; that I can tell.

So, the garage has one less machine than it did a few days ago, but not necessarily more space.  Those little Honda's condense amazingly well.


  1. Oh-oh, another one sips the Beemer Koolaid! So, you'll have to do a post about just how many bikes you still have! It must be a barn full.

    I was wondering how you got the bikes on the trailer. Is that just a piece of 2x10? How much does it flex under the weight of a full size bike. I'm thinking of some type of ramp to load bikes on my trailer.

    1. I'll have to see if they'll all stand still long enough for a group photo!

      Yes, it's a 2 x 10 and it did creak a bit getting the big bike on, though I think it was one of the metal edges that has worked itself loose more than anything else. First time I've loaded anything this heavy; the ST2 hasn't ridden yet. I've thought about, but have yet to accomplish, adding an angle brace underneath, lagged from below. I don't think it would take much. I really wanted an 8 footer to make the transition easy. We used it to load the little Honda's into Bob's pickup which was much higher and it make that job easy, of course the bikes were featherweights.

  2. Congrats on the new to you ride.

    I hear there is something to be said about the wind protection from a fully faired bike.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz,
      It's been many years since I've ridden behind this much protection, though my PC800 would have been pretty close. It's surprising how much protection I get with the Helix and the Morphous; the Helix having an edge. It's been said and I can imagine that this might not be the ideal setup for Death Valley in August.

  3. Coop:

    I'm a bit behind with my reading. I also purchased a Beemer during September for my tour next year, so congrats on your new-to-you bike. The screen on my Beemer is not very good, too much buffeting. The screen on my Vstrom is great since I installed the Madstadt bracket. Send me an email re: your Death Valley plans

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  4. Hey Bob, I've not had enough time yet on the RT to judge the buffeting but hope to remedy that this weekend; we're having some very nice November weather and I'm planning on some miles both Saturday and Sunday.