Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reading (Listening)

Labeling me as a reader never would have been a very accurate assessment in the past and still isn't.  Compared to the other members of my family, I wouldn't even register on the chart.  There are a few books that I've come to know as 'holiday books', old standbys,  those I make an attempt to re-read in December and January; the deepest part of winter. During the rest of the year, it's very rare that I read anything besides magazines and most of those revolve around motorcycles.  The upside is that there's more time, the downside with the longer nights, staying awake is personally very tough; late evening before bed nearly impossible.

This handful of books are for the most part, regional/historical books, describing times past in geographical areas that I consider home.  Not coincidentally, these areas are in and around the locations I do my motorcycle riding in.  Partially due to my long commutes, the technological ease of use and availability of audiobooks from our local library, I've ventured off my old tracks to read(listen) to some new books, with subject matter that feels fresh and new.  I'm finding listening far easier to accomplish than sitting still and reading.  The beauty of seeing words on a page is great, but the practicality, at least for me, gives listening to books the strong advantage.

Here I need to thank my friend Dave for his gentle nudges to 'read' a book that I was putting off, mostly for the reasons stated above.  We discussed 'his' book in the summer, I didn't own it and the thought of obtaining an audio copy of it simply didn't cross my mind at the time.  This past fall, with another nudge from Dave, I got online, freshened up my library card, figured out the generally easy process of checking out electronic items from the library and began listening to his highly recommended book.  These days my borrowing limit of 5 titles at one time has been at capacity.  When I don't have the books I want, they're on my waiting list.

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