Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Port Cities Explore (Duluth-Superior) - 2023/11/12

The idea to Drive up instead of Ride up had not only to do with a November-ish visit but also due to the fact that most if not all of my gadabouting would be urban. As it so often the case, preparing and planning proved to be a major part of the fun.  There were some very obvious things to explore but since I'd be around all weekend, I challenged myself to dig in and find some stops previously unknown to me, a few were certainly found.  Cameras, the drone, clothing layers and my walkin' shoes were all loaded into the van in an organized fashion as only I can.  Ask Peg about my organization skills.

Regarding the van, it was a major component in the adventure.  When the idea to go north in late autumn was being considered, I naturally assumed that I'd be bedding down in a motel somewhere.  From former stops in both Duluth and in Superior, for my job and for play, I knew of some motels with potential.  But between availability and their Very Bold rates, spending the nights in my van seemed a much more viable option.  I knew how, I needed to determine where.

I've stayed numerous nights in large retail parking lots, but I've also stayed numerous nights in State Rest Stops.  Immediately the Welcome To Minnesota 'stop was considered though when I checked the rules, there's an official 4 hour limit.  Based on experience and the fact that a mid-November, non-tourist season overnights were planned, I'd have likely been fine.  But I remembered the WI 'stop just south of Superior, a place I've refreshed myself numerous times on my way home from the North Shore.  Checking the WI rules, I found that overnight stays were perfectly fine.....so that's what I did.

The temperature outside Sunday morning, my very passive body heat seems to keep the cabin's temp 5-6 degrees warmer than that, unless it's very windy.  I slept very warm, time inside the van but not under the covers is a bit more challenging during long-night-short-day seasons.

The route up, during and back down....

Many stops, steps and more than a few miles between.  I'm planning on a few Posts to cover in a bit more detail the things I found most interesting but I wanted to provide an overview of the weekend in this first one.

Hwy 210 through Jay Cooke State Park...

The Oliver Over Under Bridge....

Another bridge....the Grassy Point swinging railroad bridge.





".....camping fun....."




Derek, it was a pleasure!

The trip ended with non-urban visits to Amnicon and Pattison State Parks, both places I've never been before.  Northern Wisconsin is full of some beautiful waterfalls, now I've added a couple more of them under my belt.

Had a great time, 538 miles in the van and doing better with my foot traffic, thanks both to Arthur and to my trip north.

I'll be Posting some more highlights....you're wondering how I could possibly have more images/video?  Well, you know better than that....represented above the tip of a large iceberg.  More soon, or maybe over winter.  I've got all sorts of content to Post and it's backing up.  It will happen here!


  1. Liz Strohus! I worked with her son. Many a story.

    1. Wow, a small world! I thought her story was amazing but there were many, I'm glad that I picked that photo while you were watching.

  2. She actually visited us at work a couple times. 90 years old and still had that personality. Zowie.

    1. I see the Faribault Airport was renamed in her honor. She was quite a citizen, in all the wonderful ways!