Thursday, November 16, 2023

Meet Friends At The Pump Day - 2023/11/16

We here in MN are enjoying another Give To The Max Day, our annual drive for fund raising, giving to our favorite charities, often with matching.  It was all of that, we give and gave to our favorite things.  In addition to the official day, I had a celebratory day myself.  Record-setting temperatures for mid-November put me in the mood for a ride.  I was out, made it home through, up and over what must have been record-setting winds as well.  Riding on some roads at slower speeds with my visor up, dried, blowing leaves were pelting my face.  In the areas most flat and open, the adjacent harvested cornfields somehow found small chunks of corncobs smacking my helmet and now-closed visor.  That was a definite First.

My friends at the pump?  First of all in Wabasha right after an early lunch, I was filling my tank when a convertible MG pulled up beside. Richard, recognizing first the Himalayan and then Coop, pulled up to say hello.  Had I not just finished a meal, we'd have dined together.  He was out enjoying the weather just like I was, the MG would soon thereafter be tucked away for its long winter sleep.

Later, at another filling station, I stopped not for gas but for a quick cup.  A red scooter pulled in for fuel, a scooter and rider that I've been seeing off and on the last couple of weeks.  We met yesterday when I was on another bike but this scooter rider has become familiar with my white helmet and jacket on who-knows-which-bike.

I walked over to say hello and shake hands while the scooter was just being topped off.  Larry The Indian Guy was filling his 2010 Honda Scooter and it had been months since I'd seen him.  The last time I attempted to see him was a visit to his hospital room in Lake City.  In July, Larry totaled his Indian Chief and the deer, Larry came far too close to being totaled himself.  That Indian Chief has been featured previously on my blog.

Back in 70 years of age, the bike's odometer looked like this....

I believe that I'm correct in saying that the last time Larry saw the bike's odometer it read 520,XXX.   After the bike was determined to be totaled, Polaris R&D obtained the bike and what they did or found hasn't been shared with its former owner.  A replacement knee, healing bumps, bruises and road rash all tried to slow him down....and they have.  But in no way have they stopped him.

Larry went on to mention that he's probably done with big bikes.  He also mentioned that the local Honda shop has an ADV 160.....So good to see you out, up and about today Larry.  You've done well!!

It was a very good day for me while stopped at fueling stations.

Here's a sample of what my going entailed....


When I got home, added this one to the "Full tank and Seafoam added" list.

Over the last week or so, these have been list-building....


 Poor little Helix didn't get his portrait....but he's in for the big sleep like his siblings.

A few more to go, the RE sidecar rig will likely be the last...or not at all.  We'll see.

In other news, there was a picnic lunch in the River Falls park...

And Arthur's been out for early morning Deer Hunting season walks....


  1. So Larry is done with big bikes and might get the ADV160, because why? The maxim that the slower you hit the deer the less messed up you get? Sounds wise for you guys living in Deer Country. And best wishes to him!
    And Arthur's collar is the kind that makes sure a strong young dog pays attention? Gets ALL of the message?

    1. A few reasons, the main one based on what Larry was saying and from what I know, big bikes are getting too cumbersome for us ~70 year olds and redundantly large. Just aren't enough good reasons for how most of us ride...Larry doesn't ride two-up, he doesn't travel, he does scenic day rides and with the abundance of roads in our area that tolerate 55-60, lighter and automatic with a step through makes a lot of sense.

      Also in Larry's case, he's had issues with his balance, a fast turn of his head can cause dizziness and with that new knee big and top heavy just isn't worth it. His attitude and healing are going very well. I'm really hoping that Larry and I continue to meet on our County roads for many more miles.

      You are correct, Arthur's fancy neck piece is a training collar, not a choke collar. It's positioned just behind his ears, not down around throat. The tanks are rounded and polished, meant to correct rather than punish. He's learning and growing up, he turned 9 months old a week ago. Our abundance of neighborhood Does and especially Bucks still try his resolve. As you can imagine, he's got the ability to really pull.