Saturday, November 27, 2021

Holiday Stroll Red Wing Minnesota - 2021/11/26

After not attending last year's event it was great to be back for the 20th Anniversary of the Thanksgiving weekend community event.  Sponsored by local businesses, it's an event spanning a few days with most of the activities happening on Friday after Thanksgiving.  The weather was actually quite nice; the winds finally calmer, no precipitation liquid or solid, the temperature right at the freezing mark.  I arrived right at 5 PM and stayed until the end of the fireworks just after 8 PM.

I very comfortably put my steps in....with much praise that my numbers were up, even trending higher this year!!  There's a parallel with some other numbers soon to be made public so don't spoil the surprise.


The video is here....



  1. Nice video! No rear engine snow machines? (Really vintage!)

    1. Thanks Richard! I'd be very surprised if someone in the club doesn't have one, their combined collection is huge.