Saturday, November 20, 2021

No Ice!! - 2021/11/20

We looked and looked but what did we expect with these balmy temperatures!?!

It wasn't a long ride but the quest for water kept it in striking distance.  No matter where we stopped, only liquid.

At the launch...

There were a few 'cubes in the close as we got to solid water.

These days shall return.....

The grade out here slight....


  1. Put mine away a couple weeks ago..... I'm a wimp ....

    1. The 2-300 mile days are a few months away. Today's jaunt was about stop mid-way.

      You coulda done it.

  2. Ha! I was in Frontenac on Saturday too. We were combing the beach with the kids and doing a little b-day party. We must have just missed each other.


    1. It must have been close. I get to smile thinking about you and the family on the beach. Once upon a time we spent many afternoons there playing in the water, it was our swimming hole. A few campfires, a few picnics.