Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Greenhouse Is Complete - 2021/11/10

I bet you thought it would never happen.

I was honestly wondering if it was ever going to happen.

Ol' Coop was a younger man when it arrived Memorial Day weekend.  The Chicken Coop had only just been completed, both structures dropped off out on the road by 18 wheelers timid about our driveway.  The packed chicken coop was unloaded at the end of the driveway into sub-sections and delivered on the motorcycle trailer to a spot next to the garage.  By the time the greenhouse was delivered (both kit buildings very late due to delivery issues) our tractor had been delivered and luckily, the brandie new 3 point Carry-All worked to lift and carry the heavy load in to the place.

Here it rests before it was moved to its next resting location.

There were a couple of reasons that we didn't get started on it right away.  One, its location was still being determined and a reason for that, we were still planning and not ready to get the garden fence up....the fence and greenhouse needed to work together.

Where it spent the summer.....

After bringing over the leftover load of driveway gravel and leveling a foundation pad, I opened up the crate and staged all of the wall sections last week.

As it went when we built the house, I was lucky.  My building partner wasn't asleep during her 3rd level Physics class....I might have missed a class or two.

We had and sometimes on.

Solar panel and ventilation fans installed.....

Temperature/Humidity Controller on the Right side wall.

The buried power is close...that needs to be finished, the building wired for AC.  Some shelving, a bit of door/vent hardware and I believe that we'll be ready to start seedlings next Spring.  Now I'll get the garden fence tapes put back on the posts and we'll take the portable solar electric chicken fence down.  Either it worked or the deer don't like blueberries or asparagus.

 I have to say these kits go together very well, are engineered well, all hardware included and instructions obvious to follow.  We're impressed and would recommend. 

(Jeff, Mark....I told you guys, Peg says NO motorcycles!  Your ethanol will go bad just that much quicker in there)


  1. What if The Big Wind shows up? Do you have to screw a lot of anchors into the ground? And what about them poor chickens now roostless?! Are the windows wind fuses (i.e. sacrificial)?

    1. The Coop is anchored, the greenhouse not yet but this weekend. These chickens are like little kids, they come out of the Coop in the morning and resist going back inside until dusk, it's all sun-automatic.

      The panels are winter windbreaks, these are rugged, MN chickens and would rather be out romping the surroundings. We'll see how Cocky they are when the snow is deep.

  2. Okay. I apologize but it has to be said. Should this have been called "Coop's Coop"? There's more but I've been bad enough. Still, enjoyed it very much. Thanks.

    1. That certainly would have worked. I wondered for a couple of days over recent developments if I might have to insulate....a place for me to live but at least for the present time, it shall remain a place to grow small plants.