Saturday, December 4, 2021

2021 Mileage Results Are In - 2021/12/04

This year's pie is ready to be served!   The ground is getting white this evening as I prepare this blog Post, by midnight the lawn will no longer be green.  All of the motorcycles with 2 wheels were put away a couple of weeks ago, none of them will run again until the road salt has been washed off.  The sidecar rig is a different story.  It is parked right in front of the door and when conditions warrant, one quick push of the button will see it thumping away, anxious for a spin on nearby roads, just possibly on nearby ice.

It's been a great year for riding and I have to admit that I was very surprised.  Last Spring's rides were few and far between, my schedule, the weather and the lingering pandemic all played a part.  I knew things were picking up, the miles increasing this fall but I truly was not expecting how the totals have turned out. 

As you can see, Wisconsin seems to be my epicenter of activity.  There are more than a few reasons for that, anyone familiar with the area and its proximity to the place the machines are parked will understand.  The Tracks where the trailer played a part are obvious and while it may seem impossible for the colored lines to be any more dense than they are but there were many rides this year, especially this fall when my focus was to quickly jump on and go.  My patience for connecting the Ram links and moving the GPS from where last used was short, the result being that many rides left no Tracks at all.

Here's the South 'half'.....

and the North side....

Here are the slices....

Check out this scientifically mathematical trend line!  If this isn't To Infinity and Beyond what is it??

Above each year's notation is the number of machines that contributed to the total.

I had to dig deep to remember that there were two Trailer Rescue trips this year, both very close to home so I'm not sure they really count.  The Elite 250 wasn't acting very elite and the 400 Auto ran out of battery, both events less than 10 miles from home, a piddly amount not worth putting in the record books, right?

Miles accomplished on the sidecar rig will roll over to next season's total.  Upcoming plans were abuzz at the coffee table this morning....Eric's been sending photos....Targets we're aiming for.  It is never too early for planning.  With that in mind, I've got to get busy since my winter projects are stacking up, Spring will be here before we know it and I'll have something to strive for.


  1. Thanks for share'n. Gives me the incitive get off my kister and see more of this big blue marble.