Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Earthworks II - 2021/04/20

Still busy in the new garden, progress continues.  Soon, as weather permits (29 degrees last night) we'll get more plants transplanted.  The chives were moved, 3 varieties and Peg put the peas in over the weekend.  We'll finish the woodchips in the aisles and then get started on the Big Fence.

 The video....

Happy 95th birthday dad, this video will be in Heaven's Video Store, there whenever you have time.


  1. Dingo Drivin' Doug? Doug the Dingo Driver? And hey! That one bed looks a little out of square! Who flew the drone while you were raking and driving? Or was that Peg in disguise?

    1. Peg's afraid of heights so I put the drone up high and let it hover but only until the battery was at 15%.

      I'm guessing a small quake pulled that single bed out of plumb. ;)