Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Solar One

 An early look at our new solar panel power generation on the roof.

Our jelly-eating birds, the Finches and Orioles are mostly gone, the Hummingbirds very close.  For a couple of weeks, we could barely keep the feeders full and now their activity around the house is very reduced.  Now instead of watching birds, I've been watching our App, noting peak output wattage, watt-hours, the graphing...it's been very interesting.

Our highest production since the panels were installed, 10.78kw.  At 6:45AM on Sunday the 30th, output at that moment was 117.45 watts, energy produced so far that morning, 17Wh.

Saturday was a Bluebird day...if there was a cloud in the sky that day I missed it.  Our panels obviously never saw any break in the sunshine.  Look at this Bell Curve!  Almost 74kWh for the day, our highest production yet.  Now in early September, we have roughly 12 hours of solar production.  It will be interesting to watch the curve flatten and narrow.  Will it be proportionately the same?

Other days,  clouds, partly cloudy....Monday a partly cloudy afternoon.

This morning, September 1, rain and mostly cloudy until the afternoon.  Still, our household used 12kWh (no A/C) and the solar panels produced 21kWh.

Averaging 60kWh each day those last days of August.


I'm almost feeling kinda nerdy.

Dinner lakeside along the Mississippi will almost always cure that.....wasn't really thinking numbers of any kind this evening.

My next Post will be next week sometime, after our Wildcat Rally non-rally.  We're all really looking forward to it!!

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