Monday, September 7, 2020

Wildcat Mountain (gathering) 2020

It wasn't an official one but the Faithful did their best to attend or at the very least, stop by.  If there was a way to count those that did, I don't know of it.  Our little group was barely around enough to be included in a group count.  It didn't help in the least that our normal gathering/breakfast place has closed their restaurant, one more happening that helped the scatter.  When I did stop at the Old Towne Inn, there were lots of familiar faces and I had a chance to at least say hello to a few of them and later found out that I missed some, thinking that I'd have another opportunity to meet before Monday morning.

Weather and riding was outstanding, only a few drops just before I got home.  Early Sunday looked very threatening but none of it caught us directly though we rode lots of gravel that had obviously been saturated.

Before I get too far with (gathering) details, I need to lead off here with the generous and thoughtful gift from Pat.  Somehow he'd been made aware of my KLR Drive System dilemma and wanted to contribute not only advice but a sample of a proper driven sprocket.  No longer needed for his Hayabusa, his hope was that I'd know more by seeing more, you know, to catch on.  I was told that the black ones aren't absolutely required though are preferred, something I'll definitely keep in mind the next time I'm sourcing.  Now hanging next to my Traveling Trophy, it will take a permanent spot in that Trophy's place once we can return to our normal Wildcat Mountain Rally schedule and the Traveling plaque can go to the next lucky winner.

Pat started, "See these pointy bumps around the outside?  They're not only desirable but necessary."

I'll absolutely heed Pat's advice for he's a professional. I'm determined to never be missing my bumps with points again; a thorough look now a permanent part of my extensive pre-ride inspections!

OK, now that I'm smarter, the fun stuff.  Mike found these patches and why we all were so anxious to be at Wildcat this year, hopefully for some semblance of normal.

 My mileage for the brother had over 1000 since he came from north of Minneapolis.

Here's how we accomplished this wonderful feat!

Red, my To.....Cyan, From Westby, Wisconsin

Friday's ride, participants Eric and Cindy in the sidecar, Kevin on his KLR and I was on the Himalayan.  Pavement the plan, no more than 5% gravel.

Saturday's ride, participants a repeat of Friday's group

Sunday's ride, as gravel intensive as I could make it.  Eric was solo, not with the sidecar but rather his XR650L Honda.  Eric's friend Tony came on his DR650 making us a nice group of 4 machines.  This part of Wisconsin is relatively gravel-free; most roads paved and many narrow.  I put forth some effort using the State's bicycle maps to string as much gravel together as possible, a successful Route (Track actually) this time.

Monday, Labor Day morning at the motel in Westby.  Our Ducati and Yamaha neighbors from Chicago has spent Saturday night at the motel as well.  Up to visit the Driftless Region, they'd done their homework and were seeking out some of the highlights, both Wisconsin and Minnesota which is what they did Sunday.  Sunday night they were back in Westby and I'll assume returning home to Chicago Monday.

Mike's got this one set up; he and Colleen not only rode down from Mpls but did a lot of exploring too.

We rode down to Viroqua for breakfast Monday morning since the diners in Westby were closed for the holiday.  After breakfast, Kevin followed Mike and Colleen, the long way, back to the Twin Cities.  I wanted to return once again to the Growers Produce Auction so I left Viroqua after wishing the others a safe journey home.  The auction site southeast of Cashton was a very busy place this morning.

It's enough to make a meat lover go Veg....

Leaving the Sales Barn, I took a route that I hadn't done for a long time.  Up through Sparta, west to Mindoro and Stevenstown, Trempealeau for lunch.  I had planned to take some more side trips but the pending <60 degree rain streamlined my ride home.

As close as I'll get to Maritime in 2020....

I wonder....this must be the same windmill guy that used to live just north of Mindoro?  Now he's along Cty T?

Lunch time in Trempealeau.....

This is all I've got for now, the end of our Labor Day weekend, my Labor Day-end of Wildcat Mountain Rally.  Lots more to share but I'm going to be working up in northern Minnesota this week and won't get back to the blog until end of week.


  1. It was a great weekend... lunch with the NUN's ! .... who knew. I got oatmeal soap from the Amish.. does that make me a Quaker ? I was surprised at the large group of the usual suspects that did make the scene. Speedy and I enjoyed the weekend... and look forward to next year. :)

    1. Mike and Colleen's lunch with nuns happened at the Hermitage, a place that Eric initially turned us on to. I haven't been there but will stop.