Sunday, April 12, 2020

Another Friday Saturday Easter Mix

Happy Easter 2020!! 

Do you remember Easter 2019?   I do.

I rolled the Big Heavy One out and visited a Minnesota State Park for breakfast.




With a twist for variety, that was my intention for Easter 2020 but Spring is still with us here in SE Minnesota.  'Bunny better let his Snowshoe cousins know!

There have been mumblings about 8 new inches of Spring, something Todd, our contractor is not at all happy about.  You can only imagine how I feel.  Todd's concern is valid; we are sans front door entry access right now during deck construction.

From our entryway......accumulation of snow is not in our best interests.

There are some, in fact many happy things to report!!  The 1969 1/2 Honda CT90 is once again on the road.

Mirror adjustment on the go....and I've never even had a lesson.

This was bad news....I had just turned the lights on as I approached the pavement and the little bike died.  Lights off and it started right up.  6 volt LED lighting is being pursued.  In addition, improved silencing considered...the little bugger makes too much noise, sounding more powerful than bikes twice its size.

Last Thursday was the river's peak rise in our area, hopefully this will happen only once this year instead of a dozen times like last year.

 He wanted to do it but when I asked, "Rolling start or dead stop?"  he shook his head and let me go.

While I was messing about in the garage, things were happening in the kitchen.

Other things were happening on our makeshift dining room table....

Peg's gone into full-scale production of masks.

Some time later.....

Last fall, not late enough last fall, my helmet fell off the bike and snapped my Contour camera's mount off the helmet.  I have really missed using it.  Now the repair has been made and in the process of checking things over, I noticed that one of the pivot dowel pins in the cam-over mount was missing.

I have some and we're good to go.

Oil was changed in the rig and off we went and we went'd for almost 90 miles.

Turned onto Wabasha County 32 since I hadn't been there in awhile.  And I thought our frost heaves were bad....

Approaching downtown Dumfries.  I can remember dad telling about remote broadcasts they did at dances here when he worked for the radio station.

Kruger Park and coffee time....

Approaching Zumbro Bottoms Horse Campground on Township Road 115.

 Good news for me....the trend continues for 2020.  There will be no need to outsource our black dirt requirements!

All of you sewers in the Sewing Community have snagged all semblances of elastic.  Peg had to get creative.

Something positive on Lake City's Marina Point where all of the 3 season mobile homes are.

The Guzzi was out and filled with fresh fuel.

The KLR was as well....

I'm going for gingham with hair bands.

Hope you and everyone that you know has a happy, healthy day!!


  1. Nice to get the little chores done out in the garage, the bikes fueled and ridden, then coming in the house to the smell of baking.
    House is looking good too.
    If Peg needs elastic, she can use tensor bandages from first aid kits and cut them into strips.
    Stay safe.

  2. I've been getting all kinds of things done, some of them not related to getting the house squared away.

    Thanks for the tensor bandage tip, I'll let Peg know.

    You two stay and be well!