Sunday, April 26, 2020

Barron County Explore - KLR/Himalayan

We've both been looking forward to it all week and knowing that we'd be challenged at lunchtime, plans were made for a stop at Cafe' Le' Coop.  A GPS Route was made with allowances for the season, the weather, the riders, interests...and so on.  One Finely Tuned Ride is what we had!

Here's what we did...

Where we did it....the Red lines mine, brother Kevin and I shared the Yellow.

Early this AM, Freshly Ground readied....

Then out to the garden to harvest some Garlic Chives....thought they'd go great in our sandwiches and a few were sprinkled in our soup.

We met in Osceola....

We worked our way over to Amery.  In the olden days we would have stopped for a breakfast Ice Cream Cone at Ellie's but alas.....tis only a fading memory.

I showed brother where the Cattail Trailhead is.  We stopped to stretch our legs and then jumped on the trail for its first mile or so before getting back on the farm roads.

A Ditch Inspection morel sightings to report.

Pioneer Park in Prairie Farm, an old favorite with the family....many picnics and stops here over lots of years.  Those sunny picnic tables looked like an ideal place to luncheon.

 Soup, Subs, Fresh Ground and dessert....

Stopped at the old Logan Cemetery to visit our Great Great Grandparent's grave.

We saw a lot but missed so much.  I'm going back....again.

Mask Update!!

Production has continued over the last few days....Peg's order of elastic finally arrived.

These ready to ship.  I thought the beeping this morning was the first truck backing up to the loading dock but it turns out that it was the microwave.  Peg's mom our first customer....she did Will Call.

In Process.....

Our Quality Control head of....


  1. I'll keep your " mark " photo in mine in case I see any grainy gas station or liquor store surveillance videos….

    1. Well keep watching, you never know..

      I was at the grocery yesterday and opted out of the flamingos, went gingham instead. Felt almost as good as my modular helmet and no fogging!!