Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Shop

Well, not really the shop but rather the Shop Door(s).

But before I get to that, the last time that you heard from me was Easter Sunday morning at around 8am.  There was 8" of snow predicted and we were blessed with 5" during the day.

By Monday morning.....

Pavlova's....once the lemon curd and raspberries topped them, it was like a disappearing magic act.

And the popovers, the spiral cut, Thai curried sweet potatoes, smashed potatoes and my favorite, the Spring Peas with White Sauce and Pancetta.

Out to the garage and inside the shop...this the door on the inside, a magnet frenzy.

Dad's 7th grade class of 3, Hillsdale Wisconsin Elementary.

Gramp's last driver's license....w/motorcycle endorsement.

One particularly fine example from my cow magnet collection and the horseshoe magnet to change heart rate of an old pacemaker. 

This 2' x 3' poster a gift from Mike, obviously to remind me who and where I am in my dotage.  It essentially uses up the last available wall space in the room.

My highly prized "The Driftless Region" painting.

A door-sized poster, another gift from Mike, the original photo that I mistakenly shared with him and his words not mine.   A promotional selfie that I took to inspire confidence in my newly elected position heading up the Safety Committee, 2 companies ago.

Outside the shop, around the corner (don't let me forget to take the traveling trophy back to the Wildcat Rally on Labor Day!).  Gramp's agate collection that he showcased, the arrowheads too.

A colorized photo of my Grandmother taken with friends cooling off in the Yellowstone River.  They were under a railroad trestle near Forsyth, Montana, ~1920.

That's it, everything else inside is a jumble of camping, traveling gear, chemicals....lots of chemicals and tool boxes filled with too many tools.  Other than past teaser shots here and there, the rest of the contents remain a secret, too often from even me.

Todd, Craig and Jeff worked today, battling cool wind, ice and icicles.

Not much (enough) melting today, high temps hovered around freezing.  We need more heat.


  1. Dang.. with all the good eats at Cooperville… perhaps we should hold the Saturday morn'n BS sessions there... ! Of course Peg would look art us,.. and we'd be banished to the garage.. but.. that's ok. Bring on the treats. !

    1. Sometimes I wonder if there isn't a bit of competition here between the gals....the benefactor I.