Monday, April 20, 2020

More Spring 2020

We'll enjoy the unobtrusive openness....

Our new 5 inches on Easter is only very reluctantly going away.

Did a Coffee Hike Saturday morning....

These Burr Oaks are prominent in our neighborhood, many of them gnarly old and huge.

I'm getting fairly good at it....

Someone's home....

Another big one....

Many bluebird boxes and I'm both seeing and hearing pairs.

There's always one, isn't there??

Late morning I was out...Plainview for some gas, a leg stretch and some water.

It had been a very long time since I'd visited Crystal Spring.  In fact, the last time was on another Yamaha.  Had thought about climbing the Elba Fire Tower but the parking lot there, just like all of our parks, was at or beyond capacity.  Minnesota is trying to practice Stay At Home but recreation is encouraged and apparently the masses are following through.

I know for a fact that a TW200 has crossed the South Fork of the Whitewater River in this very location.

I'll have to wash it again....

Weaver Bottoms, or more accurately, Beaver Bottoms.

This crocus wasn't quite ready to stand so I gave it just a tiny bit of assistance.

Some late afternoon oatmeal....

The woods in this deep ravine lovely today.

A spring-time babbling brook.

Saturday evening we had some returning visitors as close company, a house warming of sorts?

Peg reminded me that it's likely been this time of year when we've seen up to 20 sitting on our barn, preening, wings spread.  Now that the barn is gone, they do what they can on the old grainery.  I never saw more than 5 on the roof at one time.

Looks that only a mother...... well you know.  But when they soar I think they're taunting me with what they can do that I can't.  There's absolute beauty in their flight.

Something hopefully a little brighter!

Another late morning hike, this time Freshly Ground, eggs and pepperoni.

A nice and cozy 32 miles on the Elite this afternoon.  Amazing how much fun a 1985 250cc scooter can be!

One of our infamous paved County roads Pavement Ending.....

and the transition to gravel.

Another nice stretch of gravel....the Elite is doing VERY well on these roads.

It's Spring, please don't miss it.  If at all possible, find a way to safely enjoy it!!

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