Sunday, June 16, 2019

I Saw What You Did

Before we cover what I saw 'you' do, I need to reiterate the fact that the TW200 is a ton of fun....Have I ever made mention??

 I started detailing it this spring but didn't get very I'll wait till next year to make another attempt.

I put the bicycle unit on when I brought the bike home since it was lacking a trip meter.  I'm actually shocked at how closely I was able to get it calibrated.  Mileage total represents Friday's and Saturday's glorious rides.

 Here's what we did on Friday....

Saturday's jaunt here....

I noticed on Back Valley Road that someone was or very recently had done what I was doing.

There was a track....and the track had been fresh since the rain, my guess yesterday afternoon, seemed just a tad too weathered to be earlier this morning .....and was going the same way I was.  My tires don't leave tracks like that.  In fact that rear tire is leaving precious little track any longer.

See the track??  Right side, going my way.

Where I'd been......and theirs.

Still following the track.....

Here's what I determined.  Up Back Valley, through Devil's Corner, Plum Valley, over on Goat Back.  Certain that he'd/she'd do Elk Creek....I was wrong.  I did Elk Creek, then picked up the trail again getting back on the west end of Goat Back.  Sure that I'd lost the trail on Bogus Road, to my surprise and great joy I picked it up again on Foster Road.....but, on Foster, the track was on the other side of the gravel....we were doing anti-directionals at that point.

If you're out there, I managed to get a good part of your trip figured out.  You do have great taste, of that I'm certain.

If Lewis and Clark ever do another trip, I'm going to sign up.

Other highlights along Saturday's loop....

What are these plants?  This was almost an entire field, as if they'd been planted.

As renowned Vlogger Steve Butler of Steve Butler Productions would say, "the midges were terrible really."  The midges have been universally terrible here too Steve.

I flew (piloted?) in spite of the little nuisances.

A few short examples of my learning the craft.....

 Someone that DOES real flying (or did??).  Looking straight down the end of his built-up runway on the left, the hangar center and a big mistake right.  Level ground around the area is at a real premium.

No mistake here....I'm telling you....get there just before noon, pies minutes out of the oven and if you're looking for heaven early, ask for the peach-blueberry.

I love riding in weather like this....hazy overcast and even a few drops.  Point-No-Point across the river and home just over the top of it.

A look at a few of the roads traversed.....

Might get out tomorrow, maybe on the TDub and maybe not....early breakfast can happen fast.

Well today is yesterday's tomorrow and the TDub remained in the garage, the Himalayan the machine of choice instead.  Breakfast was executed in Red Wing.  Our new river bridge is still being worked on, this spring/summer/finally finished (?) river flooding now allowing forward progress.  The last middle spans of the bridge are being staged and ready for install.

I've seen the cranes reaching skyward from the quiet harbor all week and finally today managed to go take a look.

And finally, Happy Father's Day to us all!!