Sunday, June 9, 2019

Summery Stuff

Wednesday afternoon the text came....."We've got hotdogs, up in the Park this evening?"

My text in return read, "YES"

Lake City out there on the right....

There were 2 (count 'em) evening rides this week and a much dandier one on Friday, a very full day.  Out the driveway at 5:30, back to the driveway 7:45.

Interesting and lovely old barn/silo combination.

Another stop-worthy barn/silo, this one I'd not seen nor been past before.

Elk Mound lookout tower....

Menomonie in the distance...

Stopped at Mom's for breakfast....

Opinion of a certain Bear football team in very low regard here.

The waves of green caught my eye....

 Now we're talkin'.....northwest of Colfax and Sand Prairie.

A fence mostly deer-resistant....

 I was curious and sure enough, Vince is still potentially causing trouble.

On of the big reasons I made the trip, hadn't been there in awhile. I think those two SE Minnesota gravel experts were along the last time I was on it.

Got just a bit rougher and steeper....should have had the Hyosung.

Up County W and the "Best Part".

 6 1/2 Avenue, the modern version.

 6 1/2 Avenue, the way it was when Gramp hauled mail in "The Bug" in the 1940's.

Normally not an appreciator of what I'd call gaudy iron work, this was very impressive.  As I rode up to it, I expected to see a cemetery.  Very surprised to see it in front of a private residence.

Along the Rustic Road....

Dinner in Pepin, Wisconsin.

306 very fine miles....

The Best Part of the day, get them all .....full penetration of the area my intent.

You can see the elevation change in the drift north up and away from the Mississippi River Valley.

A real mix of pace......some clutching but not as much as you might think on the mighty Himalayan.


  1. Maybe Mr. C. should start a food 2 wheel travel show..something along the lines of that bug eat'n fellow on cable.
    Every time Iwatch one of Mr. C's vids.. for some reason. I get the hungry's…. :)

    1. No bugs, not intentionally anyway. Food isn't the main is part of life though. :)

  2. Not sure if you have seen my Facebook page lately. My intentions were a light and nimble something something. Alas I did not take your advice tho,Sheri decided she would once again participate on some rides. Check out my page.


    1. Scott, just got back from there....beautiful bike! Well done!! As mentioned over there, you and Sheri better come and see us in Elkader in a few weeks...a month on the dot.