Sunday, February 3, 2019

International Motorcycle Show Minneapolis - 2019

We were ready for something associated with a different season, a warmer one.

This was last Thursday's weather; the wind had died off to the point that the media had quit mentioning it.  Tuesday we had snow and then the drifting began.  I plowed using the F350 and the world was a wonderful (working) place.  Wednesday morning the plow truck would not start and our driveway was drifted shut.  Late afternoon the new Ariens was fired up, the wind had calmed but not stopped and I quickly remembered why it's so nice moving snow from inside a vehicle rather than behind it.

Drifts removed, an open driveway and AFAIK, vehicles that ran.  Thursday morning a slight wind, just enough to keep things fresh with the lowest reading I saw on our thermometer at -32.  Four vehicles + the plow truck, not one of them would start.  It was a long day of battery charging, playing with battery connections, wires/hoses touched and easily fractured.....all for naught.  Friday around noon, the driveway was touched up and most of the autos were running again.

It's now Sunday afternoon, misty/foggy and we've lost most of our drifted snow.  Water is dripping everywhere and it was awfully nice yesterday in Minneapolis.

Had a really good time this year, focused on things that interested me, the result, I spent much less time around the new machinery.  Did check out those new 650 twin Royal Enfields.  Had a great chance to meet and talk with lots of friends, worth my trip if for no other reason.  Our Minneapolis show has waned a bit these last few years but I was encouraged by the crowds during the 5 hours that I wandered.

Brought home a lot of goodies, these particular items will be kept at least for a time as reference and/or actual use.  Not to give anything away but I was very disappointed that the Irish bike rental folks weren't there this year (I looked).

I didn't spend any money this year though the temptation was great with that warm shoulder pad that those wonderful young women were demonstrating.  I thought about it but didn't go back.  There was something else I returned to a booth 3 times for and then decided not to buy at the show.  I expect to order online before the week is out.


  1. I like the voice overs in the video. There’s a blog post in that Honda 350 story...

  2. Thanks Richard, I'm attempting to polish some of my content....let me know if it's working.

    I like your idea about that Honda story. Not all that long ago that exact magazine was in dad's 'collection'. All of the old issues have been dispersed but I should be able to put something together anyway.

  3. I had been watching your weather on the news, sure won't be complaining of our weather any time soon.

    We lost our PNW motorcycle shows. Closest is Long Beach, CA so we haven't been to one in a few years. It doesn't sound like it is quite the event it used to be. Glad you managed to bring home a little swag though.

    1. These seems to be a bunch of weather going around.

      It wasn't just you guys, the shows have left many big markets. Though smaller, I still enjoy and hope it remains a way to break up the winter gap.