Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cabin Fever 2019 - The Event

I'll start today with these flyers that were handed out early today at Coffee.  It's quite a a search in my blog or click here.

Saw this in a Auto Repair Shop lot this morning and had to stop....

After our weekly Saturday coffee at Diamonds, we trekked downtown to the annual Cabin Fever.  The Scooterville crew had their Open House with special prices, their Clearance Table and a nicely full table of Yummies.

Michael, I know you're very tempted by the new V85TT but at least spend a moment considering these.....

You'll have to admit, there's no one quite like Mr. C. Walken.  I kept walken back to this bike all morning....Mike's advice to sell my Breva and pick this one up was seriously rattling around in my head.  I think the rattling has stopped but you never know when rattling might reappear ....

There were some other deals as well...

I was hoping to see a SSR/Benelli Buccaneer.  Not there today but Bob did have this 300cc TNT on the floor and pretty snazzy it is.

Some other Genuine Scooter Company machines.  I still miss my 125cc pink Buddy.

I brought home some things from the Clearance Table..... a $26 Haul.  If you hadn't already heard about Moto Guzzi Minneapolis, it's now too late.  The DVD is Girl Meets Bike.  I didn't buy it back when Patti, Ron, Colleen, Mike and I attended the World Premier in Northfield.  Today the price was right.  Shot locally and with real and machine-realistic motorcycle sound effects, it remains a classic, lower case "c".

Sometimes it's cold out.

When I got home, my International shipment had arrived....

For the Himalayan....from Cooperb Cycles, The Piggery, Northamptonshire, UK (whenever I hear "piggery" I still think Reginald Perrin...and smile).  They will be installed soon.


  1. ..seem to recall something about " Mike, if I ever decide to sell my Breva hit me in the head "....
    hummm.. where did I leave that 2 pounder ?

  2. Nice price for the stelvio,very close to the V85TT.20 years ago I went over the budget and fixed up a convert that had been sitting outside of the barn,not in it.It has a SP's not going anywhere.I will have to see if I can fit that lens on it. Keep the breva.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Michael. The Breva is kept; just too good for what I have in it.

  3. Interesting bikes at Scooterville. And you managed to come home bike-less. Do all RE accessories come from overseas or there a better selection out there?

    1. Richard, seven years ago to the day I walked in to Cabin Fever with the idea I'd be sniffing Kymco scooters, saw that little Hyosung 250 Twin, had my credit card out and then never really did look at the Kymco models. I knew that wasn't going to happen again today. :)

      The RE accessory availability is more about my impatience than anything else. The early Himalyan versions were available in other lands 2 years before they were here so lots of the 3rd party accessory firms have been busy around the world. The machine's size and price point have made it relatively popular in other lands. In our US market, aftermarket manufacturers are understandably more cautious about committing to tooling up for potential low sales volumes.

      I can wait and hope or purchase the things that I know are long as I'm willing to pay postage.

  4. That looks like a fun event Doug. But if everyone had the fever, did they at least have cow bell to cure it?

    1. Took almost a year Brandy, somehow missed this one or was going to come back to it and forgot!

      It's almost time for the next edition....and I HAVE a cowbell!!