Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Need Some Sun And Warm - June 26, 2009

 Here's why....

 Watch closely at the 8.3 second mark and you'll see the polar bear run through center right.

Our local news radio station today reporting "4th snowiest February since 1872...." and we're not even half way through the month, not even Heart Day yet!  I'm not even going to try and deal with it until tomorrow morning; it's still blowing, probably worse than it was an hour ago.

Moto-blogging friend Dom recently acquired a dandy TW200 and conversations back and forth with he and some other blogging friends got me kind of worked up again about my Li'l Mule.  I jumped back in time to some old photos of my first longer ride taken on the Yamaha; Delta Diner the lunch destination and then upon arrival, found that it was closed.  It's a good thing I like riding a motorcycle or the trip might just may have been in vain.  That day was a very fine 429 mile excursion.

And it was warm, even in the Wisconsin Northland!

Nesting National Symbol....

Not a bad fireplace but the house could use some work....

I stopped to do what guys sometimes do in the woods.....

 ....and discovered this....

Just outside of Barnes....I forever marvel; it has to be one of the largest small places in Wisconsin.

A North Country Trail crossing....

A warning sign....I can promise right here that I'll not be hang gliding, ever, in a climax forest.

Here it was, my destination and as it turned out, his destination as well.  Over from Superior for the day, he was as disappointed as I was.

Almost the equivalent of my almost famous Bayfield At Halloween rides; those typically ~500 miles on daylight-at-a-premium end of October days.  That June day back in '09 was a nice bright long one.

Now I do feel better!


  1. What a long strange trip it's been.

  2. Just did a short ride with my Kolpin gas tank in same spot, mounted same way....seems OK for now but must use beefier mounting hardware I think. I can shake the mount slightly by hand.

    1. Dom, mine seems and has been very secure. I'll send the photo.

  3. Sunshine pics of the T'Dub are definitely welcome. A good time of year to look back at our warm summer rides. We are not buried in snow, but temps in the 30's and rain are just not inspiring.

    1. Even with my gentle complaining, it's going by fast. Just like last year, all sorts of things aren't getting done, things I was sure there'd be more than enough time for.

      I've had plenty of surrounding myself in sunshine, even if I don't find it outside. We have a lot to look forward to!